2019 Garden Trends Useful Today

Flavoured botanical gin trend

As with every other industry, trends are predicted each year. Garden trends tend to linger a little longer than in fashion, so your garden can remain in style for a few years.

2019 Trends Great for Modern Gardens

Embrace the Small Garden

Although the average size of a UK garden is 50ft long, many new build houses have much smaller gardens now. It is important not to see the size of gardens not as a constraint, but more as an opportunity. Luckily the garden and landscaping industry has responded with plenty of new products and plants to suit those of us with a smaller outdoor space. If you don’t like mowing the lawn for instance, why have one, rather cleverly design plant boxes and surfaces to embrace your smaller garden spaces. It can almost be assumed that there are dwarf cultivars of most plants we use in gardens now, so finding low growing shrubs that won’t take over is getting increasingly easier. Don’t mistake slow growing for dwarfing though, it can now be seen that any people that planted ‘dwarfing’ conifers in the 70’, are now facing massive shrubs growing way beyond their spaces.

Be Bold

A huge part of the outdoor room trend is to bring the inside out. So, with that comes interior decorating trends tweaked for outdoor living. Fences painted a cool grey work great in contemporary gardens with white render and rattan furniture. Be bold and express your personality, large festoon string lights lacing the fences and large botanical print cushions around your fire pit add a homely but quirky style to entertainment areas.

Pantone Picks

On the trend of being bold, at the Pantone Colour Institute, they produce a fashion colour trend report. In 2019, olive green and royal blue are predicted to be showstoppers. Paint your shed these bold colours if you’re daring or opt for a subtle statement of using planters to adorn your patio.

Grow Your Own

There’s a real expansion of grow-your-own nowadays. In a bid for us to become more self-sustainable or show our children where food comes from, we are experimenting more and more with growing our own food. Even if you are just growing a few different vegetables or herbs, it’s very rewarding. With the fashion of gin coming to true fruition last year, botanical cocktails are all the rage. Impress your friends at your next social event with gin infused with homegrown rosemary or borage. After all, gin is made from Juniper berries!

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