6 Low Maintenance Garden Ideas You can Do Yourself

Gravel garden with low maintenance planting

Garden maintenance is basically outdoor housework. If you love housework, then a more complex garden could be perfect for you. If the thought of more housework (even if it is outdoors) makes you feel sick to your stomach, then you are going to want something that’s very low maintenance.

It really is possible to have a perfect looking garden and have it low maintenance at the same time.

Read on for some low maintenance garden designs and tips to make your garden maintenance easier, when planning your next garden transformation project.

Raise Your Flower Beds

Raising flower beds instead of ground level beds, makes bending down for planting, weeding and watering that little bit easier. And if it’s easier, we’re far less likely to put it off. Build your raised beds at a height and width that suits your lifestyle, and use fresh weed-free soil too.

Pick Perfect Plants

There are lots of plants to avoid if you’re looking to reduce the amount of gardening your garden requires. Avoid things such as annuals like bedding plants; sowing seeds, vegetables and climbers. Climbers are incredibly high maintenance and bring a high amount of workload. Ivy, if self clinging, completely takes over, or needs lots of support and you’re constantly having to tie them in.

That leaves you with shrubs. Ideally something that’s evergreen, such as holly, lavender and euonymus.

Lose the Lawn

Some people simply love mowing their grass. While others would rather do almost anything else than walk up and down pushing a lawnmower. There’s a huge range of Astroturf products that require almost zero maintenance, that you could use instead.

Stones, Gravel or Chippings

Another option, you could play around with porcelain paving, stones, gravel or chippings. It can create a whole new look for your garden, and bring in a slightly contemporary modern vibe.

On Deck

Decking can make an attractive alternative to lawns whilst creating a new area for you to enjoy in the garden. To make it the ultimate low maintenance version, opt for composite decking instead of wood which requires treating every year.

Right Plant Right Place

Plants are happiest when they are in conditions that best suit their ability to grow. Happy plants require far less maintenance. Pick plants that are best suited to where you want them to grow. Take into account the amount of sunlight and shade as well as the soil conditions in that spot.

Simplify Your Palate

The more varied the number of plants you have–whilst looking stunning–will require more work from you. Each type of plant will require attention from you at different times. Opt for 3-5 of your favourite plants, and get creative when it comes to planting them. Don’t be afraid to play around with where the different plants will sit when it comes to how tall they are going to grow.

Hopefully, this will give you some simple and easy-to-use ideas when it comes to keeping your garden as low maintenance as possible.

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