Beating The Boredom – Gardening Whilst Self-Isolating

Garden lighting on pergola

Last week we promised to bring you a creative project to kickstart spring. However, as it’s been such an extraordinary week. We felt it best to postpone our outdoor meadow tips and address the guidance in place for self-isolation. Of course, following this advice is vital for everyone’s health and safety, but let’s face it, being cooped up day after day is not only a lonely experience but one that’s likely to have an effect on your sanity – especially if you’re feeling well and just safeguarding yourself or other members of your family.

Staying at home doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice fresh air. After all, you’re unlikely to catch or pass on any virus by being alone in your own back garden, so why not use this opportunity to get out into your outdoor space? We’ve put together a few ideas to break up the boredom by giving your garden a little bit of your extra time. Remember all those little jobs you’ve been putting off? Need some new ideas to alleviate boredom? Let’s think gardens!

Learn Some New Skills

If, up to now, you’ve only used the back garden to hang the washing out or have the occasional barbecue, now’s the perfect time to learn some new skills. Planting seeds, bulbs and even fruit and vegetables can be really rewarding in terms of creating a colourful landscape and also having a ready-made supply of tomatoes, potatoes, etc. Who knows, you may even be able to share some of your homegrown vegetables with neighbours – provide an essential service at the same time!

Create a Café for The Birds

If you’re able to order some feeders and bird food online – sunflower hearts, suet cakes, etc – you’ll soon have your very own bird café. You can then spend your waiting time indoors noting the new visitors to your garden and identifying new species.

Shed Some More Light

Why not bring an extra sparkle to your trees, porches, archways or even shrubs with some garden lights? They’re bound to brighten your mood, especially if they’re visible from the house. Again, something which your neighbours might enjoy too.

Leisure Time

If planting tomatoes, adding bird boxes or installing lights seems a little too strenuous, you might just like to add a bit of variety to your free time. A little light exercise in the garden, or just keeping up those Vitamin D levels is fine. It’s important to stay healthy when stuck at home, but we would stress that if you do feel unwell, it’s equally important to follow official advice for your recovery.

We’d advise striking a healthy balance. Use the milder, sunnier weather to enjoy the garden, but most importantly to recognise your personal limits and stay safe!

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