Cheat Your Way to an Easter Ready Springtime Garden

Easter table spring decor

So, you didn’t get around to planting bulbs last autumn ready for this spring, or perhaps it didn’t even cross your mind. While an avid gardeners’ autumn was jam-packed with seasonal chores, yours was occupied with other pressing things.

It’s Not Too Late

For those of you who were too busy, it doesn’t mean you’re in for a bloom-less Spring, but you do need to cheat slightly. Many garden centres and even large supermarkets supply pre-grown spring bulbs, so you don’t have to wait a whole year to plant bulbs in your garden.

These can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you are having guests over for Easter, wow them with your seeming foreword thinking preparation with a display of spring bulbs.

How to Dress with Spring Flowers

Garden dressing is a relatively new craze (and we don’t mean the salad dressing.) This means, to style your garden according to fashion, from season to season. We’ve all dabbled with seasonal planters at some point, but you can do this now with much more impact. Find yourself a plastic plant pot, doesn’t have to be the prettiest looking thing, and using twine and moss, cover the outside of the plant pot, using the twine to wrap around the moss to hold in place.

You can use faux moss bought from craft shops or real moss sold in garden centres for lining hanging baskets. All you need to do then is plant your pre-grown bulbs in the pot and push in a few twigs of pussy willow (also bought from supermarkets) for extra effect. If you really want to go all out, position in Easter-themed embellishments amongst the flowers.
Bring this idea into your home too. These planters work well as a stylish centrepiece to your dining room table.

When It’s All Over

Unlike seasonal bedding that you would throw away when it dies back, you can plant those faded bulbs that once adorned your homes in the ground ready for next year. As a general rule, make sure to plant them at a depth three times the size of the bulb. Then you just leave them to their own devices.

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