DIY Raised Pallet Planters

Stacked pallets

Recycle, reuse and restore. A statement we all try to live by a little bit more in current times. I’m sure you will have looked at a wooden pallet and thought it would be such a waste not to use those decent planks of wood.

Repurposed Planters

Pallets are fairly easily to come by, often inexpensive-if not free-and the precut slats of wood are very handy for garden DIY projects. Raised beds make gardening easy, plus using free wood from old pallets means they’re very trendy and cheap to build too.

Many companies only reuse the standard Euro pallet and non-standard ones pose a disposal problem. To get your hands on some, simply ask around or look for them piled up outside business in your area. Most places are happy to get rid of them!

The Tricky but Satisfying Part

Taking pallets apart can be tricky as the wood is hard and brittle, plus it’s nailed together using special nails designed not to pull out. Care needs to be taken to avoid excessive waste due to breakage. Remove any protruding nails first if you can. Then use a long wrecking bar to gently lever the timber parts apart slightly, hopefully loosening the nails enough to pull them out. You can buy special nail lifters to raise the nails a tiny amount and then simply pull out the nails with the wrecking bar. Or, if funds allow buy ‘pallet buster‘ if you are serious about reclaiming pallet wood.

Easy Growing

To make a simple pallet bed, use four upright posts for your corners (you may need to buy this separately.) Depending on the shape and the height that you want your planters, cut the pallet planks to length and screw them onto your corner posts. Once your panels are created, you can screw it all together!

Not having a base to your planters means you can sit them on open ground, either in your lawn or flower beds so your plants can root into the ground below too. The height of the planter makes it easier to cultivate without having to bend over so much. Cheap, simple and easy.


However you build them, raised planters are beneficial in every garden. Call our design team today on 0330 202 1955 to discuss your garden needs. 

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