Doing It For The Kids

Family friendly garden design

Kids will be kids, but gardens aren’t always the safest places for them. While a large lawn space my seem ideal, uneven ground and soft spots can be dangerous for children to play on, as well as annoying for you to maintain.

Child-Friendly Ideas to Keep Your Little Ones Safe

Artificial lawn creates a flat, even, hardwearing space that will withstand circuits from little bike tyres and no trying to remove grass stains from the knees of their trousers!
Patios are essential and a staple in most gardens, so it’s really important to consider whether your patio material is suitable for your children. We don’t just mean in terms of safety either. Pick a paving type that will still look great even after a few drops of ice cream have been spilt on it. Sandstone is a great choice, non-slip, hardwearing, reliable and easy to clean but still looks great!

If you have an area of decking or you’re considering installing it, invest and use composite decking. Wooden decking is notorious for harbouring algae and moss which becomes slippery. Composite decking has a nice grip, it’s incredibly easy to clean and looks tidy. Your children will be able to play safely on it without you having to worry about accidents.

Soft Landscaping Pointers for Active Gardens

So, your garden may be used as a football pitch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful borders. You’ll just need to give some extra thought to your plants. Evergreen shrubs will be the most resilient and will withstand some bruising from footballs. The bigger the shrub you plant initially, the better its chances of recovering are.

While you might think that bark chip is an ideal choice to cover the ground in a play area, you could be wrong. The wrong kind of bark chip could do more harm than good! For any areas where children will be playing, you will need play bark.

Play bark is a much finer grade as it’s made from the softer outer layers of wood, so if little knees land on it, they’re not going to get splinters.

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