Easter Garden Party Ideas

Easter egg hunt

The weather is warming up. The sun is shining. . . Whether it’s the idea that it’s the end of Winter. The longer and brighter days. The opportunities for outdoor fun and games are endless. Easter is the perfect time for the first garden party of the year.

As the host of this year’s garden party, the potential for pretty garden decor, imaginative and out of the box Easter egg hunts, and other activities, plus the opportunity to display your cooking skills with Easter meal recipes and egg-stravagant Easter desserts too. . .

You’ll be the talk (and envy) of your whole friend group.

So, to help you throw the party of all Easter parties, we’ve got some ideas for you to give you some added inspiration before your planning starts.

  • Challenge Easter Egg Hunt – Get into the competitive spirit by adding a simple physical challenge inside each egg (e.g., 10 star jumps). When someone finds an egg, they call out the challenge. Each person competing must complete the challenge before they can move on to find another egg – leaving the person who found the egg-free to continue looking.
  • Fun Fact Easter Egg hunt -Take advantage of having the children altogether and teach them something. Instead of sweets, fill each egg with a fun and interesting fact, or words of wisdom for them to remember.
  • Puzzle Easter Egg hunt – Fill each egg with a small piece to a puzzle. Once all the eggs are collected, the whole family can get together to build the puzzle at the end to keep the fun going.
  • Activity Easter Egg hunt – This time, fill the eggs with pieces of paper that contain fun activities for the family to do. Things like a night at the movies or a trip to a soft play centre. The kids can save them to “redeem” later.
  • Spoon Bunnies – Fold pipe cleaners over to become little bunny ears and attach them to small wooden spoons. Using a marker, draw on a bunny face.
  • Easter Treat Boxes – Fill a small cardboard “meal box” with all the kids’ favourite foods and sweet treats.
  • Easter Afternoon/Tea Party – Afternoon tea-parties can be a showstopper whatever the time of year. Add in some Easter-themed desserts and cakes for an Easter twist.

This is a small selection of ideas to add an Easter spin to your garden party.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to use your whole garden space.

And if you need some advice and help in making sure your garden is exactly how you want it, book a call with one of the friendly design team. They can help you get your garden transformation ideas out of your head and turn into reality.

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