From Phone Call To Finished Garden In 60 Days

How will you get your Garden transformation completed in time for Summer (or sooner)? Well, it all starts with a phone call (which you can book by clicking the link at the bottom).

Once you’ve spoken with us on the phone, we’ll confirm a date when we can come and visit you for a consultation, and start the really fun stuff.

At the consultation, the designer will sit down with you and help you get all your ideas out of your head.

We’ll take all your ideas, needs and wants then make a plan on how we’re going to design the garden of your dreams. We’ll also arrange for someone to come and survey the space that will be transformed. This survey is where we’ll take all the measurements we’ll need.

We’ll use these to come up with some concept designs for you, and then we’ll plan a date for the full garden design reveal. This will be around 4 weeks after your phone call.

The reveal will be here at our design studio. After the reveal, you’ll then pick all the paving and landscaping needed. We’ll put all this together in our design software and show you a 3-D model of how your finished garden could look.

By day 35 we’ll be planning the garden build with the project management team, you’ll also meet this team before they start work on your property before any work actually begins.

By day 55 we’ll be installing your new garden. And yes, this really is as self-explanatory as it sounds.

Somewhere around day 59, the whole build will be finished and you’ll be looking out in amazement at how fantastic your new outdoor space looks. But we won’t be finished there.

We’ll be back for our aftercare visit. Where we’ll be completing the final quality control checks to make sure everything is as perfect as it can be. We’ll also be professionally cleaning the whole site, leaving it looking showroom ready.

Day 60.

Well this part is completely down to you.

Will it be the family barbecue to end all family barbecues, or will you be throwing the garden party of the year with all your friends?

Only you can decide that. And this all started because you had that phone call with us.

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