Garden Trends from 2020

Butterfly friendly garden

The year 2020 introduced several important garden trends that will remain popular for all time.


Continuing from last year, the trend of having a wildlife-friendly garden grows within the next decade in order to have nature thrive. A simple thing you could to achieve this is to grow out your grass a bit longer and even leave some weeds untouched so little creatures can create a lovely home.


Sustainable living has been a huge trend for the past couple of years and continues to be in the new decade by encouraging people to reduce plastic use. You can easily manage to do it by using biodegradable pots and more metal items instead of plastic ones. As we become more aware of the environmental issues, plants that nurture the ecosystem will leave a mark in 2020 with bee-friendly varieties being a must to encourage pollination.


Eating healthy and taking care of your mentality is yet another trend to come in the new decade. Create a healthier diet by growing your favourite vegetables and fruits in your garden and add them to your meals. Additionally, you can put up an elegant and minimalist water feature to establish a relaxing environment in your outdoor space.

Garden Features

One of the most sought-after garden features will be the built-in garden seating, which sometimes doesn’t get enough attention since as we all know British weather can be unpredictable. However, with the new decade designers and landscapers are looking for innovative ways to create an ample seating area, which will be weatherproofed once the rain comes.

Outdoor kitchens will be more than just a BBQ area in 2020 with people constructing a fully-equipped kitchen, ideal for al fresco dining and days spent enjoying the outdoors.

Garden Paving Types

Natural stone is again at the top of the list of most popular paving materials since it will always be a timeless classic and offers an excellent selection of varieties within itself from Yorkstone to granite, sandstone to marble. Nevertheless, there is another growing in popularity paving type… porcelain paving. Which has attracted many new garden owners because of its low maintenance properties and absorbs little to no moisture. As for colours of the paving, dark hues are becoming very popular and specifically using dark and light colours to delineate the separate use of spaces or create ‘rugs’ with patterned paving.

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