Gardening Trends For 2021 – Cultured Cultivations

Timber structure for outdoor dining

It wouldn’t feel right to start a new year without a ‘looking ahead’ message of some sort now, would it? Last year may have been a mammoth challenge for many people, but one good thing that came out of it was that people fell in love with their gardens all over again. When challenges face us, we often look to where we feel safe first, and it turns out, our gardens are just that place. Last year created a nation of accidental gardeners, but we definitely hope the love of gardening and enjoying your little haven in the world continues!

Here are a few of the 2021 garden trends that will be around for some time…

Botanically Black and White

If Instagram gardens are anything to go by, monochrome gardens are going to be a big hit this year. Black or grey fencing or decking is already popular as it provides the perfect backdrop to the greenery and the riots of colour you opt for in the garden. The difference this year though is the plants and garden furniture being chosen, with white blooms and white furniture being selected to make that statement.

This works fantastically in contemporary gardens where the straight edges and sculpting of the garden provides a clear contrast against minimal designs letting the clinical nature of a few key aspects in the garden really stand out. It also works beautifully for a more classic design where softer garden furniture such as white cast iron tables and chairs, benches and ornaments are framed gorgeously with grey or black fencing or garden screens as the background.

Raise Your Grass

Okay, bad pun but it seems that Garden to Table will be the order of the day (or year). With so many people cooped up last year, growing your own became a very popular hobby set to continue well into this year. Raised beds will be much more prevalent as more people plan to literally ‘nurture their nourishment’ and grow the fresh food they love.

This one is particularly close to our hearts, as anything which fosters a love of the garden, whilst creating a healthy hobby which helps in so many ways definitely gets our vote. The gardening itself adds value to your life as well as having raised beds built into your garden giving you a space you look forward to enjoying. We’ll happily drink to that!

Inside Out

There’s long been a love of bringing the outside into the home with plants, flowers and botanical themes decorating our homes. This year we’re expecting to see far more of the growing love of bringing the ‘inside into the out’. There will be far more patio doors, french doors and bi-folding doors opening out onto decking with the theme of the home decor being extended out into the garden.

Positioning garden furniture close to the house which mirrors internal colour schemes and soft furnishings and cushions adorning outdoor sofas and seating will all be part of the 2021 gardening crazes. Decking which extends the home out into the garden provides the perfect setting to keep us enjoying the social aspect of our gardens.

If you’d like help or advice designing a garden you look forward to enjoying far more of, simply get in touch on 0330 202 1955.

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