How Fix Common Garden Problems With Your New Build Home

So, you’re moving into your brand-new house. You’ve picked your new bathroom fittings and showers, your brand new kitchen is now a firm image in your head with the new tiles, kitchen units, and worktops all on order. Your carpets are going to look gorgeous, and you’ve mentally depleted most furniture stores of all the stunning furnishings you’re going to adorn your new home with.

Now for the garden… Where do you even start? The odds are that you have a uniform blank canvas that will be your very own soon. Maybe you have a standard fence and a few utility slabs thrown in too if you’re lucky.

If gardening isn’t your forte though, it can seem difficult to visualise how amazing your garden can look with some clever design. In this article, we’ll give you a few pointers to get you started…

What To Think About BEFORE You ‘Dig In’

There are a few factors that can make a substantial difference to how your new garden will be used. We all know to bear in mind where the sun is facing throughout the day, and what type of soil will be best for your planting scheme. The wrong plant in the wrong place will cause you endless hours trying to keep it alive.

Recently we shared a checklist of what to think about to create your perfect garden vision. That would be the perfect place for you to start as your garden is currently a blank canvas.

But we also know that can be daunting so check out the list, as it covers lots of factors including the following which you’ll need to think about too:

  • How will you use the garden?
  • What do you like about the space you have available?
  • What don’t you like about it?
  • Is time limited so you need a low maintenance design?
  • Is the garden size good for your plans?
Low maintenance modern planting

Major Problems with New Build Gardens and How to Fix Them

As with many homes which are built in suburban or urban areas, there are logistics that often need navigating.

The three main garden issues we see with brand new homes are:

Privacy Issues

It’s hard to find a home that isn’t overlooked in some way within a housing estate. It’s the nature of the beast, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your privacy. Using clever landscaping design such as sunken patios, planting trees in front of the eyeline of neighbouring windows or adding plant trained trellis to the top of your fences, you can add privacy to your garden without it being unsightly to neighbours.

Sloping Levels

A common feature with many newly built homes is they have notoriously awkward sites. If your slope is causing noticeable drainage issues when its rains, then this needs rectifying and fast. Before it causes damage and long term problems. Adding in the correct drainage is essential to any long-standing design.

You may also need to consider flattening out certain areas of your garden especially where you’d like your main patio to be, to make best use if you want to use our garden in the future.

Garden Limitations

Many new homes have limits on what you’re allowed to do to them to meet the stipulations of the estate restrictions – the uniformity that the builders start with is often written into the options you have on your garden too which could curb some of your creative ideas. You’ll need to check this out before designing your garden to ensure you’re not going to be asked to remove features you’ve just designed your entire garden around!

Live IN The Space For A While

It can be tempting to want everything ready for when you move in. However, you need to fully understand how you move around your garden and you can only determine that once you have lived in your new home for a few months, or at least through the garden season.

Waiting until you’re in, and you can stand in the garden to see where you need more privacy, more shade, where a sunken patio would be great, or maybe the drainage is awful so needs a plan creating – this is the difference between having a garden you’ll enjoy for years or having an okay garden that needs some work – ten years later!

In Short

Your new build home comes with a rather blank canvas that’s often uninspiring, overwhelming bare and poses a number of issues such as bad drainage and overlooking neighbours. Covering these three main garden issues with your new build’s garden helps you understand the possibilities with your garden – check out this new build’s garden where we design a space to rule out privacy issues and makes best use of the sunshine at different times of the day!

When you’re ready to be inspired by what’s possible in your garden, get in touch with our team on 0330 202 1955 and let us design you the perfect garden for your dream home.

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