How to Build Entertaining Into Your Landscape Gardening

This last year has seen many of us distanced from our friends and families in a way that we’ve realised just how important socialising is to us. So it’s no surprise that the gardens of the UK are getting a LOT of love in preparation for an extremely sociable summer!

If you’re looking for glorious garden makeover ideas to help you and your favourite people really enjoy your garden in style, here are a few suggestions which we know will keep the friends a’coming!

Mocktails And Cocktails In Your Own Garden Bar

Even if you’re tee-total, having our bars and restaurants taken away has highlighted how much of our social life happens around a bar setting. That hasn’t deterred the social butterflies among you though as there has been a huge increase in garden bars being built, and this looks set to continue.

Building your bar into a gazebo, a converted summer house, or even a purpose built cabin or shed means your bartender won’t have to ‘shut up shop in a shower’. What could be better than having the ‘tonic’ of your own space to add your Gin to at the end of a busy week? The best part is, you won’t have last orders being called on your fun!

All you need to do now is work out what you’re going to call your new local!

Fancy Topping Off A Great Week With An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

You can’t help but be impressed with tasty food made with love, but a great homemade pizza is always going to skyrocket your popularity! There’s something super sociable about it, and it’s a fantastic family friendly activity too.

From choosing the toppings with the kids and encouraging them to try new foods, to having the grown ups dabble with ‘posh’ toppings to accompany their Pimms or craft beers, this is socialising at its finest.

Building a pizza oven into your garden can also serve more than one purpose – not only does it provide a source of fantastic food for everyone to enjoy and something for everyone to get involved in, it’s also going to keep you all toasty warm as you relax and enjoy the pizza after the feast. So the only question left is whether you’re going for the convenience of gas, or the full works with a traditional wood fired pizza oven?

Take The Lead Role With Your Own Garden Cinema

No more worrying about which snacks you’re allowed to sneak into the auditorium – you can feast on all of your homemade pizza to your heart’s content of course! Better still, you can even have your own popcorn toasting in the oven mid movie – there’s recently been a trend for pizza flavoured popcorn so maybe ‘chef’ could work his magic on that one too eh?

But it turns out that we’re a nation of movie lovers. With cinemas being closed last year, garden projectors saw a 400% growth and we can definitely understand why. Everyone loves a get together, and they don’t like it being cut short. Just imagine having a catch up and chatter, followed by a great movie, all seated in a sunken seating area out of the breeze, with the warmth of a chimnea, (or pizza oven!), some great food, and a cocktail or ten from the bar.

If you’re not careful, you’ll never leave your garden again! Now – which movie are you all going for?

That’s just a taster of what great garden upgrades are going to be in store this year. The key to any garden improvements or landscaping is to think ahead as wires, water and power sources or even patio placement for underneath the structures can make a big difference to how well your garden works for you in reality.

If you need any help on mapping out the structure of your garden plans this year, get in touch on 0330 202 1955 and our team will happily help.

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