How To Set Up A Temporarily Zoned Garden While You’re All At Home Together

Trellis screening in garden

Depending on where you are in the world or your own circumstances, you’ll no doubt be in some form of isolation right now. This can be such a mixed blessing as it’s extra time with our loved ones which we possibly don’t usually have such an abundance of.

We probably want to cherish and enjoy it all, but we can all get too much of a good thing too – right?

It’s only natural to need space to process things, especially if you’re ‘wobbling’ as we’ll gently put it, but if you’re all heading for the garden to escape – it kind of defeats the object.
If you’ve ever watched young children play football, you’ll smile at how the strategy and formation of the ‘team game’ goes out of the window while all of the little players ‘swarm’ after the ball wherever it goes.

If you can relate to being that ball with everyone following you wherever you go, and want your own sanctuary in your home, here are some ways you can zone your garden during lockdown so you can all have some cherished escapism. This is part one as we have plenty more to come next week too!

First of all, take a look at what you’d each love to do in your own section. Look at your hobbies and tailor your respective spaces to them. We appreciate there may be limitations on what materials you have to hand or what you can access right now, so you may need to improvise a little with this one! This is a great time to test what works and if it’s really enjoyed, we can help you do it ‘properly’ or more permanently once the restrictions are lifted.

Active Play Area

If you have youngsters in the household, they probably need an escape more than any. Give them a space they can go wild in and not worry about a garden being trashed. What temporary fences can you erect to start the structure off here?

If you really have to go full ‘Blue Peter’ on the garden – if you have rope and old sheets, you can make washing lines across the garden from virtually any angles or heights which you can then peg/attach the sheets to – these can be used for SO many things…

  • If they’re sporty, put well placed holes into the sheets, tie rope to the bottom two corners and peg them into the ground – you now have a football or goal or a basketball hoop they can simply throw or kick a ball through,
  • Draw huge targets on them and you now have something for them to aim for as target practice. If the kids are naturally very active, these can provide that valuable outlet. This is perfect if you have sponge or soft balls they can use
  • Make Dens! Rope, tent pegs and sheets will keep any child entertained for hours! One line across the garden which they can then tie other ropes to and peg into the ground, ready to attach to the sheets etc to is an adventure waiting to happen. The beauty of this method is you can make more than one if you have multiple children.

Quiet/Reading Zone

From one extreme to another! From burning off energy to just being in the moment. Are there any secluded parts of the garden you can allocate to being a designated chill zone? Maybe even have a chat about some rules for this area such as one at a time using it and not being interrupted unless really necessary.

  • Are there any sheds or covered areas you can convert to a quiet space or reading spot?
  • Is there a part of the garden that is particularly enjoyable such as more flowers to relax in or scented plants around you? Are there any grasses or leaves in the garden which make a lovely noise to close your eyes and listen to?
  • Is there a super sunny spot where you can bask while you read or relax?

Take a slow walk around your garden like you’ve never been there before. Some parts ‘feel’ nicer to you than others, some parts may call to you particularly – notice this before you select what’s going whereas it can really make a difference.

Looking for a family garden with different zones for all the family to enjoy? Call our design team today on 0116 210 0760 to discuss your ideas with us.

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