How to Start Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Do you love outdoor entertaining? Want to WOW your friends and family when they next come over for a BBQ or evening drinks? We’ve got some great tips on planning your stylish outdoor kitchen.

Types of Outdoor Kitchens

Your outdoor kitchen should fit your lifestyle, budget, and space. First, think about your cooking style. Are you a throw some meat on the grill and add pasta and a green salad, type of outdoor chef? Then a simple grill and countertop space may be right for you. If you have a higher budget you can plan for built-in cooking apparatus such as a built-in burner or a hot plate. Or if you’re on a budget, movable BBQs can do a great job at catering for a small number of people.

If you love preparing complicated recipes, then a more extensive outdoor kitchen might be right for you. You could include countertop space and add a sink, maybe even a refrigerator for stocking up on the drinks when you have friends over for all-inclusive entertaining outside. These can either be bespoke built or bought as units.

Think about how you will use the outdoor kitchen and what appliances and components you may need for your level of entertaining or catering style. Would you like it to mirror an indoor kitchen or would you rather it be more informal? Do you entertain a lot? This all plays an important part in deciding what is right for you.

Where to Position Your Outdoor Kitchen

Your space and garden’s aspect can dictate the design of an outdoor kitchen. You want to make sure to follow safety guidelines, including using materials that are fire safe.

Plan to have the grill and other furnishings on a level deck or patio. Placing along with a brick wall blocks wind. A house wall creates a good spot, but if you’re set on another location then a garden corner is perfect, or where you plan to spend most of your time outdoors – you can add planting as wind blocks later.

Using a partially shaded area provides for a more comfortable experience when enjoying an outdoor kitchen as cooking gets hot! Take advantage of existing shade elements, avoid under trees if you aren’t considering a shelter over top. If you’re not including a sink and refrigerator, plan for it to be close to the house so you have close access to prep items.

Space and placement of the kitchen can determine how big a cooking space you can have and what type of cooking apparatus you’ll want, whether a simple closed top grill, a stone oven, or gas cooktop. Consider location then make the it fit, that’s why bespoke kitchens are perfect as a designer, like us, can help you decide the best format, location, and style.

Picking the Right Materials

Materials for your outdoor kitchen can be dictated by type of structure and style you’re looking to achieve. Using 100% natural materials, including stone countertops and wood cabinets, other than around the grill, are good choices. These are long-lasting and low maintenance. Stainless steel can add interest and decorative elements to a more contemporary and modern space.

Think about whether you want the outdoor kitchen and dining area covered, either completely with a well-ventilated roof or just a pergola for partial shading. You may also want to plan for other add-ons like a lounging area, fire pit for cooler nights, or bar. A well ventilated gazebo will help keep the elements and wildlife off your outdoor grill and countertops. You can also consider good-quality covers to protect structures and furniture from the elements.

No matter your style or budget, outdoor kitchens are attainable. Beyond the benefits of outdoor living, they add value to your home. Whether outdoor entertaining your family and friends or using your outdoor kitchen as a date night, it can add immense quality of life.

If you need any help on mapping out the structure of your outdoor kitchen or entertaining area, call us today on 0116 210 0760 to book a consultation with a design consultant.

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