How Well Designed Garden Lighting Can Overhaul How You Use Your Garden

Contemporary garden with modern lighting

We are just coming to the end of nearly two months of lockdown here in the UK and many people are appreciating their gardens more than ever. That tiny piece of outdoor space in the world can literally be some people’s sanity at the moment. It may seem obvious, but one thing that many people overlook when they think of their lighting is the fact that it opens up their garden for much longer during your day.

Having that haven available to you during the evenings too could be a lifeline for mum or dad when the kids are driving them mad after a busy day, or just to get some well-needed space. Last week we covered some temporary options you could create while we’re in lockdown to help you get outside in the evening using what’s to hand right now.

As our design team is still very much open, many people are coming to us at the moment asking for garden designs to give them something to look forward to when the lockdown is over. So let’s take a look at things we’ll encourage you to consider when lighting your garden if you are looking to have it redesigned…

Think Ahead

If you know you are going to have your garden designed or landscaped, it helps to think ahead on how you would like to use it and create the space in the best way for your own circumstances. Many people think of lighting as a last-minute addition but this will, unfortunately, limit your options. Permanent lighting would need wiring and planning so that most of the infrastructure of your lighting scheme can be hidden.

This can’t be done if the garden is virtually complete. For instance, if you have raised sections such as steps which you would like to be lit in between each step, much of this will be hidden behind the steps. This is virtually impossible to do once your patios or concrete creations are already built and structurally complete, so thinking ahead opens up so many more options for you.

Lighting Really Is An Investment

Another reason why it is important to consider what lighting you would like to include within your garden planning, is that knowing how you would like to use your garden allows us to incorporate lighting functions that are fit for purpose. Many people think of functional lighting as literally whacking security lights here and there and you are good to go.

That is a very different outcome to having a gorgeous lighting scheme that lights up your entire garden and opens it up for enjoyable evening use – extending the amount of time your family can enjoy the garden substantially. For instance, if you regularly arrive home late in the evenings from work but still want to enjoy your garden for a while, having a lighting scheme that allows this means that you don’t need to write off using your garden if it’s dark.

Not only will this make you enjoy your garden in a different way but it also makes a difference to the time you have available to you – if you now know that some of your spare evening time can still be spent enjoying your gorgeous garden it gives you a chunk of your life back to do things you enjoy outside too.

Making Features Stand Out

If you know you have part of your garden that you particularly enjoy, having lighting which shows this off in the evening just adds another level of enjoyment to your home. Maybe you have a summer house or pagoda which you love, or there is a statue or water feature in the garden which brings you joy? Being able to see it in the evening too is just that little reminder that this is a piece of the world that is just yours.

Safety First

Last but definitely not least, let’s not forget that lighting brings the functional use of your garden back into the light – literally. Our team has worked on many Memorial Gardens and being able to light these well for evening use so that people can remember their loved ones, regardless of what time of day it is, makes a difference to those people who may not be able to access such special places during daylight.

Whether it’s that you need to be able to access parts of your garden for functional or safety purposes during the darker hours, or that you want to be able to open up your garden safely for evening use, incorporating a lighting scheme that complements the garden can make a huge difference.

Looking to extend your garden time? Call our design team today on 0116 210 0760 to discuss your lighting options with us.

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