In-Spa-Rational Ideas to Integrate a Hot Tub Into Your Garden Design

Contemporary garden with hot tub

Hot tubs are all the rage. Did you know during 202 lockdowns hot tub sales went through the roof by a whopping 400%? Being at home all the time and the need to relax and escape, hot tubs became even more popular as it felt as if we were socialising without actually being able to socialise.

Now the lockdowns seem a thing of the past, hot tubs are still in high demand without any sign of cooling yet with people still craving the need for escape and relaxation from an ever changing and stressful world. If you are looking to introduce a hot tub into your garden but feel it needs a little more pizazz than just set up on the patio, here’s some great ideas to get you thinking how your hot tub could become a feature. The Garden Design Co stands for style and practicality.Spa Design Ideas

Social Proximity

Combine a soak and socialising area all in one with a simple above-ground installation. A hot tub can be in close proximity to the home and the choice of exterior finish can help it to blend in perfectly with the surroundings. Nearby rattan furniture is a great choice for socialising as there are no dangers of it being damaged by excessive splashing.

Hot tub with composite decking

Sinking In

If you want your hot tub to nestle quietly into your garden, sinking the hot tub into the ground creates a more private experience below fence line views and makes for easier entry into the spa. Not to forget that maintenance is still required, hatches built into the decking allows for fast and straightforward access into the mechanics.

Sunken hot tub in composite decking

Making the Most of Views

When you have stunning countryside views you will want to maximise your soak and scenery watching time in your hot tub. A timber structure allows you to protect your hot tub from being cluttered by leaves from surrounding trees and lets you enjoy some quiet time without having to worry about it being rained off. By including a lighting system within the roof, it creates a whole different mood in the evening time.

Pergola over hot tub

Benefits of Hot Tubs

If you are on the fence about investing in a hot tub spa then you should know all the fantastic benefits that the warm restorative water can bring.

  • Stress and anxiety relief – When you’re in your hot tub, nothing matters except how good you feel
  • Better sleep – Using your hot tub on a regular basis can break the cycle of insomia and help you get to sleep
  • Lower back pain relief
  • Relief from the Symptoms of Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis – Hydrotherapy reduces pain, tension, and joint tenderness
  • Improved Range of Motion – Through regular usage, your hot tub can help you restore lost flexibility and slow the natural stiffening that comes with age

There’s much more to hot tubs than that little added feel of luxury they bring to your outdoor space. They’re both fantastic for socialising and improving your health and wellbeing.



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