Make Your Own Wreath from Materials Collected in Your Garden

Homemade wreaths

Why not consider creating your own unique wreath with materials you can easily find in the perimeters of your home, instead of purchasing yet another plastic decoration? Take your time to walk around and be inspired by the rich hues and charm of your garden and make an authentic, sentimental wreath. Read on to come across a great selection of ideas for a DIY wreath.

Foraged Wreath

The simplest decoration you can create is one made out of lush evergreens. Keep it minimalistic and bind up different kinds of evergreens to create the perfect holiday wreath for your front door. If you would like to add a bit more colour, you can gather a plethora of dried herbs and flowers. It might be obvious but you need to be quite gentle with these because they are prone to break. It’s best to place them in a newspaper at your workstation. To bring more warmth you can also use sage and rosemary to reflect on the love of your home. In addition, these types of wreaths are effective natural insect repellents and it’s a good idea to hang mini versions over your windows.

Something a Bit Extra

Another gorgeous wreath can be built from both succulents and pinecones. Collect strong branches, such as fir or eucalyptus, and use them as a solid base, bound together by a wire or floral tape; hot glue might provide additional security with smaller pieces. Create a beautiful blend of alternating colours and shapes of succulents and earthy brown pine cones. If you are one to include a bit of everything, you can assemble various fruits, greenery, hydrangeas and pinecones. Always think of the shapes and colours that best complement each other to turn the wreath into the beauty you visualise in your mind.

Fancy Floral

Hydrangeas just by themselves can be quite elegant and utilised for a gorgeous wreath. The materials you will additionally need are a grapevine wreath, which you can purchase inexpensively or create yourself using willow or birch twigs, some with floral wire and a wreath hanger. After building the base wreath, you should cut as many blooms as possible with long stems to have the lushest of decorations. In order to keep the blooms as vibrant as they are, you can put the stems in jars with an inch of water before starting to twist them around the wreath base.

You can also use the wire to secure them in place if necessary. The finishing touch is adding the hanger. If you are lucky and have a metal front door, you will find magnetic hangers in some shops as to not have it visible, or use a sticky back hook which can be removed safely and cleanly when Christmas is over.

These are just some of the ideas of how you can utilise garden materials into making an original wreath. It is certain that after you have got used to the basics, you will be able to come up with your very own designs.

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