More Ways To Temporarily Zoned Garden While You’re All At Home Together


Last week we made a few suggestions on how you could potentially zone your garden so that you are not all under each other’s feet all of the time. Hopefully, they may have inspired you to enjoy your outdoor space a little more, but we did promise we’ll give you a few more suggestions too – we really are a fountain of knowledge here!

We’ve had some fabulous weather this week, which can motivate us to make a few overdue changes we’ve not yet got around to, or it can just encourage us to relax and enjoy our home a little more. Whichever it is, carry on enjoying it and here are a few ideas which may help the whole family enjoy the garden too.

Last week focussed a little more on creating ‘physical’ zones by creating temporary screens or utilising existing structures that already exist in the garden. It’s well worth looking at the structure in your garden and seeing how creative you can get with that.

This week though, we’re focussing more on creating an area that attracts the various people in the family, rather than physical separation.

“By creating focal points or areas that certain members of the family enjoy, they may seek solace in that area when they need some space, or just want to enjoy the garden in a way that is tailored to them specifically”

If you have a variety of needs or interests in the house, it may be a nice idea to allocate a section to each person and let them get creative in their own way to incorporate what they love most.

Here are a couple of creative suggestions to get you started…

A Meditation Area

Meditating isn’t always about sitting cross-legged on the floor attempting to levitate. It’s merely the exercise of turning your busy mind off. Teaching it to be quiet and in the moment, and there’s no better place for this than outside.

What can you include that you love? Is there a particularly soft part of the grass that is perfect to sit on? Is there a hidden area that you can escape in? Do you have a pagoda or structure you’d like to incorporate into this?

Perhaps you could create a mini shrine to all of the things you love such as a circle of pebbles, stones or rocks? Something which could serve as a visual reminder of having a part of the world that is just for you. Maybe a tinkling wind chime, or near some grasses that rustle. When you quieten everything else, it’s amazing what you then notice in your own garden.

A Raised Bed

Are there any areas of your garden that are already raised that you could turn into a raised bed somehow? Are there low walls that could be filled behind them and used as planters? It’s amazing what you can make a large planter out of to create a raised bed. What do you have stashed in your garage or shed? Stack old tyres up and paint them, before you then fill them up with soil.

Large containers such as old water butts, or even old plastic laundry baskets etc can be placed in a part of the garden where they are hidden with foliage, and then enjoyed by planting things in as a family. If you line these with plastic, before filling them with soil, you then have a new project for the green-fingered members of the family to enjoy while we’re isolated.

Dig Deep…

It doesn’t matter if your creations are a little unsightly at the moment – the beauty of this process is that it highlights what you all love doing. Creative water features with a hose and a container, literally just digging up a section of your garden and planting new plants differently – it’s all about the enjoyment of the project and the space itself.

Maybe you’ll develop a love of your garden in a different way than before, and you’d like a more permanent solution creating once everyone is on the move again. The point is to enjoy whatever you can with what you have to hand right now.

Looking for a family garden with different zones for all the family to enjoy? Call our design team today on 0330 202 1955 to discuss your ideas with us.

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