Mother’s Day Gifts to Make From the Garden

Mothers day gifting

Do something different this year and be inspired by our list of Mother’s Day gifts you can easily make from the garden. These gifts will add a touch of sentimentality and encourage you to spend more time with your mum.

Herbed & Scented Jellies & Jams

Why not turn your seasonal fruit and herbs into something wonderful like herbal jelly? Not only will it be super healthy spread on toast during the transition between seasons, but you won’t necessarily need to start from scratch to construct this gift. These homemade jellies and jams are the ideal present for your mother, which she will be using in the kitchen.


Gather as many dried petals and flowers as you can find and begin the potpourri mix with the addition of dried herbs and fruits. Find a pretty bowl or jar and put in the mix. Then you can add some of your mum’s favourite perfume and give it one or two sprays. For even more sentimentality you can add some fresh flowers to tie around the jar or bowl.

Herb Infused Oils

The best way to preserve fresh herbs is to make them into herbal oils and, this promises to be a special gift for your mum to spice up all her favourite recipes. They won’t last more than two months, but they do make expensive looking gifts. You can also mix a batch of them, so your mum has a whole collection to choose from.

Herbal Kinds of Vinegar

Yet another lovely gift that incorporates herb-infused products is herbal vinegar since flavoured vinegar is so easy to make. You can use plenty of ingredients including edible flowers, chilli peppers and any other spice you can find in the garden.

Dried Herb & Flowers Sachet

Much like potpourri a dried herb & flowers sachet will fill the air with a lovely fragrance and, it also lets you be as creative as you like. Find a beautiful mesh sachet and some ribbons and then create the perfect mix of scents that your mum adores. These scented sachets will evoke the senses and add to the transition to spring.

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