Natural Christmas Decorations

Natural Christmas decorations

Decorating for Christmas is a joyous occasion for the whole family but can sometimes be an expensive investment and not as eco-friendly. Having in mind how easy it is to decorate with items that are free, this year you should resist from purchasing factory produced items and choose the simplicity of handmade decorations. Continue reading and steal some of the ideas of how you can still have the Christmas ambience with handcrafted items.

Warm Welcome

Welcome your family and friends with a gorgeous pinecone and Christmas balls decoration. All you need is a bucket or a big flowerpot and then you fill it with various Christmas inspired items; maybe add some fairy lights and ribbons to make it even more festive.

Candles with Evergreens and Pinecones

Create a luminous Christmas ambience by putting a tea light in a glass jar and surround it with winter evergreens and pinecones. In addition, you can further decorate the jar with some ribbons or sparkling glitter. The beauty of this decoration is that you can settle it anywhere; you can scatter the items on a table surface or contain them in a bowl or tray.

Cinnamon Sticks

Not only are cinnamon sticks great for spicing up some beverages and dishes but they look lovely as natural Christmas decorations. There is a wide range of things you can use them to spice up your décor. For example, you can tie or glue them to a candle and with the candle’s warmth, they will release delightful scents, or you can tie them together and hang them as ornaments.

Christmas Wreath

The most common use of natural materials is creating your own wreath, which can be done with various items. One being an evergreen wreath, which is known to be a classic Christmas decoration as it goes with any home décor. You can always further embellish them with some ribbons to make it stand out. Another gorgeous wreath is a bit more colourful and fruity, as it is made with leaves and winter berries. You can make it look like a full bloom by adding some pine needles and apples.

Tangy Christmas Centre Piece

Gather some oranges and tangerines and let your creativity flow with carving design and shapes on the peel. Additionally, you can push some cloves in the peel around the designs and wrap a ribbon to make it even jolly. You can then hang them as an ornament, but it is best displayed as centrepiece, nestled in pinecones, berries and pine needles.

Simple, and fun to do!

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