New Year, New Garden

Entertaining garden with hot tub and outdoor kitchen

Whether you’re planning a complete garden renovation or just want to create a few valuable changes, make some garden resolutions this year that you can stick to.

Encourage Wildlife into Your Garden

Encouraging wildlife has been a very hot topic over the last few years. Small changes can help improve habitats and ecosystems and doing small gestures like having a log pile in the garden or planting a native hedgerow will make a great impact. Encouraging wildlife doesn’t necessarily mean your garden is completely wild and unruly, there’s a lot of beautiful cottage flowers that will bring bees and butterflies into the garden, so you can help without even really trying!

Plant a Tree

Even in the smallest garden, there is still room to plant a tree. Trees help with the balance aesthetic and unity of a garden, they are a permanent feature that makes a great impact on the feel of your garden and help wildlife too. Small trees like Mountain Ash and Crab Apples are ideal for small gardens, they have great autumn colour and an abundance of fruits that provide a source of energy to native birds at the time of year they need it most.

Fix Those Niggles

If you’re finding yourself not wanting to spend time in your garden, then it’s a sign that something needs to be changed. Create an analytical list of the elements of your existing garden that you like and don’t like. If there are more dislikes than likes, it’s probably a clear sign to need a complete garden transformation. Don’t sit there another year wishing you’d sorting it out earlier.

Think Sustainable Design

With climate change and a big push towards reducing our impact on the planet, sustainable design is more important than ever. Using permeable products such as resin bound aggregates and jointing compounds help with the dispersal of rainwater. Use plants that are suited to their soil preference. Using plants that aren’t suited to your garden’s environment requires more water and more effort to keep them alive, choose locally adapted plants not only for better success but better conservation.

Plan to Enjoy Your Garden

Some people find gardening tasks turn into chores. Sometimes we forget that our gardens are an extension of our homes, and with the right garden design, it should always be a pleasure to be out in it. Make time this year to fix those complaints or have a whole re-design so you can spend important and valuable time with your family and friends just enjoying the space.

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