Perfect Borders – Low Maintenance All Year Round

Low maintenance modern planting

Whether through necessity or preference, a garden with perfect borders can be the exact low maintenance solution you need.

The lack of time, ability, or skill does not mean you can’t have a garden that’s bursting with colour and excitement. With a little consideration for when and where you plant your flower beds, it is still possible to have a garden with lots of variety throughout all the seasons.

Low Maintenance Border Ideas

1. An Evergreen (Blank) Canvas

Using evergreens as a backbone to your borders, with hardy, long seasoned perennials repeated throughout will create an enormous impact as well as being easy to look after. You can also try adding in various bulbs for added seasonal interest.

2. No Dig, No Doubt

No dig gardening means adding a mulch of well-rotted down compost in spring and autumn. This helps to keep any weeds down as well keeping the soil healthy.

3. Hands Off

Allow plants to die off where they are so that their decomposition adds to the soil’s rich nutrients and leave plants to self-seed so that they naturally populate the garden.

4. Don’t skirt around the edges

Using edging such as border or lawn edging, is a minimal maintenance garden border idea that’ll keep your borders looking tidy, as well as stopping any creep along paths, lawns, or patios.

5. Rise up!

You can also reduce the amount of maintenance by making beds easier to get to. You can try raising your garden beds, using materials such as timber, brick, steel, or stone. Just be sure to pay close attention when it comes to watering and drainage.

Of course, there are many other ways in which you can create and cultivate the ultimate minimal maintenance garden. These are a few simple ideas to help you on your way.

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