Pergolas, Arbours, Gazebos and Trellises

Timber trellis and pergola over a woodland walkway

As one of the leading garden design companies in the Midlands, we understand that everyone has their own idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to landscaping. There are various installations you can put into any garden project including pergolas and arbours.

But what are they? And what’s the difference between all the structures you can include in your garden to give it that certain x-factor?

Here’s our quick guide.

The Pergola

A pergola is essentially an outdoor installation with supporting columns and a roof. The roof area can be either open to the elements, for example with grids of beams or rafters, or it can be closed off to provide cover. You can place a pergola away from your home in a corner of the garden or have it attached to the main building, depending on the size of your space and your own personal preferences.

It is usually designed to be a strong focal point in the garden design and can be included for a variety of reasons such as providing a space for relaxing during the summer and entertaining. The design of pergolas can vary from very simple to more extravagant depending on your budget and tastes.

The Arbour

An arbour has similar characteristics to the pergola but its function is a lot different. They are normally found covering entrances and pathways and can often have plants and climbing vines around the structure. They can also vary in size from small, compact ones that suit any garden space to larger installations that are more at home in bigger areas. You’ll often see large arbours in country home gardens and they can be quite spectacular when the plants are in full bloom.

The Gazebo

A gazebo is another freestanding structure you can have in the garden. Traditionally, it is either rectangular or octagonal, has a raised floor and a roof. Think of the old bandstands that you used to find in parks and you won’t be far off the mark.

Gazebos can be either small or large but always act as a focal point for the garden and can be a great place to relax during the summer evenings. They are also considered more ornamental than a structure like the pergola and are made from wood or aluminium.

The Trellis

Basically, a trellis has only one function and that’s to support the growth of plants. They are free-standing and can be placed around any garden. If you have vines or plants like clematis or climbing roses, these are perfect and can add definition and style to any garden space with little or no effort and a low cost.

Making the Right Choices for Your Garden

There’s no doubt that introducing some of these items into your garden can make a huge difference. If your idea is to entertain a lot, then a pergola is a perfect installation and makes for a striking addition to the garden landscape if you have space. The same can be said for the gazebo.

If your focus is on growing different plants, especially the climbing variety, then a mix of arbours and trellises should be the order of the day.

Before you decide to introduce a major structure like a pergola, it’s always a good idea to consult an expert like a landscape garden designer. At The Garden Design Co we’re always working with our local clients to find the best landscaping solutions for their needs. Contact us today on 0330 202 1955 to find out more.

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