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A Challenging Multi-Level Garden Made Perfect

Entertaining and Relaxing Garden
Marshallite Brick, Porcelain Paving and Granite Coping

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The Problem: The Main Patio Area Was 5ft Above Ground Level

Our Northamptonshire-based client came to us with concerns that her dangerous multi-tiered garden would cause an accident. With fantastic views over the rural landscape behind, she wanted to make the best use of the space available by extending the top patio area from the back of her home, down to a secondary seating area at ground level.

The Solution

Our client adored her garden. It was her pride and joy, so our first aim was to create a design that modernised the garden whilst still in keeping with the existing elements of her current garden she wished to keep.

The main focus for us was to create a bigger area for dining outside on a terrace at the top of the garden with views over the countryside. This meant extending the terrace space out and across while maintaining the rural views with glass balustrade. A louvered steel pergola provides shade over the top dining area where it can get very hot.

Steps either side of this lead down towards the rest of the garden. However, with such height here, we needed to add an access ramp connecting the front garden with the back, so the lawn mower could still be wheeled around easily and as well as being convenient for guests who had difficulty using the steps.

To capture different views of the garden and to make the best use of the sun, a secondary seating area was positioned at the bottom on the main steps blended into an existing patio area. This intimate area nestles beautifully into a corner of the garden next to the tranquil sounds of a slate monolith water feature. Despite the need for a large wall to support the top terrace, it doesn’t feel intrusive with a flower bed designed in front for climbers and shrubs to grow and soften the wall.

The Final Results

Our client loves her garden as now she can invite guests over without the fear that her garden might be unsafe. She now spends even more of her time in her outdoor space, eating most of her meals out there. With multiple areas to enjoy and a larger space to enjoy with friends, she can fully enjoy her love of entertaining. She loves her new garden so much, she has since had her front garden redesigned by us as well.

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