A Dream Garden for a Newly Renovated Home

Entertaining and Relaxing Garden
White Render, Porcelain Paving

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The Problem: An Unsafe, Slope Garden Lacking Useable Space

After recently settling into a new property our client’s focus was to renovate the interior of their new home. However, an incident in the garden led them to shift their priorities and improve the safety of their outdoor space for their family.

The steeply sloped front driveway proved difficult to enter and exit and the back garden’s original rotting timber decking filled our clients with fear that their young daughter would hurt herself.

The Solution

The slope throughout the garden from front to back proved a problem for our clients so our main aim was to tackle the gradient, providing them with a space that was easier to look after, safer and enjoyable to be in.

The back garden’s design was sectioned into four main areas, cutting into the slope, flattening the garden, and making it more useable. The bottom terrace immediately from the house wraps around into a covered outdoor kitchen and dining area. Complete with a pizza oven and built-in BBQ, this is the perfect space for our entertaining loving couple to spoil their friends and family with the ultimate outdoor dining experience.

Journeying up the garden to the next two tiers, a patio area surrounded by a glass balustrade for safety and to maintain the view from the house across the garden. Forming an intimidate dining area – or prosecco lounge as our client lovingly calls it. Covered by sun sails, a hot tub, and sun lounging patio is the perfect way to while away a sunny summer’s afternoon.

Further away from the house and connected by a dove grey gravel walkway, the fire pit area is our client’s favourite spot to relax at night when their daughter has gone to sleep. LED strip lighting finishes off the crisp white built-in seating adding to the relaxing atmosphere of this part of the garden.

The final tier is dedicated to their daughter. The wooden stilted playhouse and swing set looks right at home with the style of the garden. Positioned at the top of the garden, it’s the best place for our clients to watch carefully over their daughter while she plays.

The Final Result

Our clients were honest in saying that we weren’t the first company they spoke with. With the scale of the project frightening other designers and landscapers, we stepped up to the mark and used our skilled team to create a design that not only transformed the look of the garden but also how our clients experience their outdoor space. The use of white render and grey porcelain carries the modern renovations from inside the home, outdoors connecting the two together seamlessly.

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Client testimonial

Jeff and his team gave us the confidence.

We had a couple of local people in and I think the scale of the job scared them. They never came back. But Jeff and his team gave us the confidence. Everything that Jeff said it would do, it’s delivered.

Mr & Mrs Fairman-Smith, Derbyshire

Large patio space for family gathering

“Enjoy The Garden Of Your Dreams, With The Garden Design Co.”

Ashley Duncan
Consultation Coordinator
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