Front garden design

A Traditional Complementary Driveway Design

Front Garden
Sandstone Paving, Tegula Blocks, Cotswold Gravel

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The Problem: A Dark and Dreary First Impression

Our Warwickshire-based clients needed a driveway refresh to open up the front space with a thoughtful design that complimented the traditional style of their property. Although large, most of the useable space was obstructed by lawn and shrubs. The old tarmac was becoming mossy and was absorbing the much-needed light in this north-facing aspect.

Our Solution

By widening the entrance, it provides safe and easy access when entering and leaving the driveway. Practical considerations are needed with a driveway design and the choice of compacted Cotswold gravel ensured the driveway would be permeable. The gravel is incredibly easy to maintain, brightens the area and withstands use from cars. Block paving provides a small patio space in front of the front door and adds interest to the design.

Woodland planting fills the borders surrounding the drive and softens the feel of this large area. A circular lawn maintains an element of green space combining a front garden and a driveway seamlessly. These incredibly low maintenance options mean the driveway stays pristine for longer, perfect for the front of the home.

The Final Result

By transforming the driveway, the front of the home is instantly lifted. The buff tones in the landscaping contrast beautifully against the house, connecting both home and garden cohesively together with a traditional style. Now our client can make the best first impression possible.

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