Patio garden

Clever Design Enhances Picturesque View

Family Garden
Natural Stone Paving, Rustic Brick, Tegula Blocks

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The Problem: Uneven Garden with Overwhelming Maintenance Needs

Our Leicestershire-based clients were overwhelmed by the maintenance their outdoor space required. They wanted to future proof the garden by removing the lawn and flattening the area without compromising on the stunning view they had across parkland behind.

Our Solution

Starting with flattening out key areas, a new useable patio space replaced the uneven lawn forming the main dining and relaxing area. The new bright, buff coloured paving brought plenty of light into the garden creating a welcoming feeling.

To break up the expanse of paving, a circular feature crafted from blocks defined a spot to position a table and chairs. To maintain an element of green space after the removal of the lawn, lush planting bordered the patio. Tying both the garden and the surrounding landscape together. Mature trees were retained on the top portion of the garden leading up to a utility area tucked away behind the garage.

The Final Result

By carefully shaping the rear of the garden, we’ve made it possible for our clients to still enjoy the surrounding picturesque landscape. They’re able to invite friends and family to socialise without having to worry about them navigating steep slopes or uneven ground. Their garden is now the ultimate low maintenance space.

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Large patio space for family gathering

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