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Family Garden
Kandla Grey Tumbled Setts, Cotswold Chippings Kandla Grey Wall Cladding, Silver Grey Porcelain

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Our clients in Northamptonshire envisioned a dynamic garden catering to family activities. The design includes a spacious lawn area perfect for the grandkids to play and kick a ball around, alongside beautifully crafted seating area and wooden archways that add both structure to the garden. A sleek, modern water feature also serves as a tranquil focal point.

The planting scheme consists of a mix of vibrant, seasonal plants that ensure year-round beauty with minimal maintenance, tailored to thrive in the local climate. Fruit trees were planted strategically to provide both shade and fresh produce, enhancing the garden’s aesthetic appeal. We incorporated lighting that transforms the garden into a magical space during the evening, offering both functional and ambient illumination to highlight key features.

Moreover, a cosy seating area under a wooden pergola provides a perfect spot for family gatherings, blending seamlessly with the surrounding greenery. Overall, this garden transformation offers functionality with aesthetics, providing an ideal space for relaxation and play. The thoughtful design elements cater to all family members, making it a cherished outdoor retreat.

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Garden Oasis
Large patio space for family gathering

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