The 6-Step Garden Design Process

Transforming your garden might sound like you are in for a whole bunch of stress. That might be the case if you were to do it yourself.

To ensure your dream garden is a completely stress-and-hassle-free experience, The Garden Design Co provides a full 360-degree garden transformation service. Taking care of your design, build lighting, planting and the aftercare of your new garden.

Garden Design to Construction Complete: Shorter Time Frame

In shorter timescales than you might think, you could be sitting in your new garden with your feet up, enjoying an ice-cold drink while the whole family is around you–enjoying themselves, with huge smiles across their faces. The design process is a lot more than picking up a pencil and sketching out some ideas. however, our garden design experts do make it look easy.

From consultation to building, The Garden Design Co’s [Six-Step Garden Design to Completion] proprietary process allows you to understand what’s involved at first glance. The six steps take you from your first meeting with one of our designers through to the planning of your garden’s transformation. Here is a closer look at each of those steps.

Step 1. Consultation

At your first meeting with your dedicated designer, you will discuss initial ideas and your designer will make recommendations. The consultation is very important and will allow you to choose the design package that suits you the best (with four options to choose from. Whether you are designing the front or back garden, both, installing a pool or need planning permission, our ‘Six-Step Garden Design to Completion’ has you covered. Let’s take a deeper look with this example.

Step 2. Site Survey

We’ll take measurements and heights of your garden and use these to create an exact design for your garden. We’ll present initial thoughts and ideas for design, plus any further suggestions. A bigger picture of your garden design direction of the design and build of your garden.

Step 3. Research

Asking you to provide images of what you are looking for will get you thinking, and help us better understand what you are looking for. Prepare a good amount of images so that our designer has a full overview of what you are interested in. We are not asking you wot be technically proficient with the types of construction and landscape you are interested, your designer will want to see so he or she and the design team can come up with a design that incorporates your desires, and other factors most people don’t think about, such as how the sun travels through Your garden over 12 months. The main goals is to come up with something that combines your wants with professional practicalities and designer inspiration.

By the time you are halfway through the process, you will definitely be starting to get a very good idea of where your garden direction is going.

Step 4. Initial Concept

Here we’ll share a first 2D design of the garden, with sample images for you which our team have drawn inspiration from to build a mental picture of the transformation. The details of the design as well as any amendments are discussed at this stage, we’ll also share an estimated level of your investment in the project.

Step 5. 3D Design and Finalising Details

Prepare to be WOW-ed. We’re about to show you the scaled 3D design of your garden. We’ll show you lighting and planting plans too (if applicable). All the finer details of your final design are to be confirmed. Then we’ll offer you a proposed start date for when the build can begin. We’ll quantify the design you love the most, and we’ll give you the final investment amount in your new garden, providing you with all the detailed paperwork. Confirm payment terms. And the most important part–confirm your start date.

Your new garden is about to become very real.

Step 6. Planning and Build

We’ll hand the finalised plans over to the operations team, where they will arrange a project management visit to confirm all the technical build details. They’ll then arrange the scheduling of the team and any deliveries needed for them to complete your garden transformation.

The first thing to do is book a free call-back consultation with Claire Withers. Claire is a highly experienced garden design consultant. She often knows what clients need before they do. She listens carefully with an ear to hear clearly what you are saying and some of what you are not. The call is a consultation, not a sales call. We do guarantee the call will be very educational.

Book your call-back telephone consultation with Claire Withers now.

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