The Best Cherry Blossom for Spring

Flowering cherry

Japan is world-known for its famous annual blossom festival called sakura matsuri, during which thousands of people take a part in a tradition called hanami and picnic beneath the cherry trees. Here in the UK garden enthusiasts are spoilt with a plethora of cherry trees to choose from. Read on to find out our choice of the finest cherry blossoms for your spring garden.

Larger Ornamental Cherries

If you have vast space to fill in your garden, you should consider planting Prunus avium, which is known for its stunning white double flowers. It is easy to grow, however, it has the potential to grow 20 meters tall so giving it space is vital.

Growing up to 12 metres of height, Prunus padus, also known as the bird cherry, might be a better choice if you would still like the white flowers’ grace but don’t have the space. The almond-scented blossoms are loved by insects and is a year-round tree so you can enjoy its beauty during autumn as well.
And if you would like to add some vibrancy to your garden scenery, Prunus ‘Kanzan’ has a fantastic pink appeal with its deep pink double flowers. This cherry tree is a popular choice because it blooms in late April.

Medium Flowering Cherries

Growing to about 8 metres tall, Prunus ‘Collingwood Ingram’ has a neat and proportionate spread of deep pink single flowers, which are also beneficial for garden insects. Early autumn this tree offers gorgeous orangey colours.

Another similar of height tree which can grace your garden’s beauty is Prunus pendula ‘Rosea’. Famous for its extraordinary upright form of the branches, the vase-shaped tree has single, shell-pink flowers in mid spring.

You can also choose Prunus ‘Shirofugen’, which again grows up to 8 metres tall, however, it needs space to stretch since its branches spread to up to 10 meters. This cherry tree presents fabulous double pale pink flowers.

Petite Ornamental Cherries

For the smaller gardens there are plenty of small ornamental cherries that won’t be as grand but still be as glorious. Known as the ‘Blushing Bride’, Prunus ‘Shogetsu’ is quite popular with gardeners because of its blousy flowers, white blushed with pink.

The Yoshino cherry is yet another great small tree that is ideal for smaller spaces with its height of 5m. It is known for its weeping single white or very pale pink flowers. There is also Prunus ‘Pendula Rubra’, which is again a small weeping cherry and can reach a maximum height of 4m. The single, deep pink flowers produced in spring are a delight for insects as well as the eye.

If you’re looking for an even cherry blossom, Prunus ‘Kiku-shidare-zakura’ might be the perfect choice. It is a tiny weeping tree that doesn’t go above 2.5 metres of height and in spring it produces deep pink double flowers that appear in clusters along the arcing branches.

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