Transformative Garden Design Using 3D Software

3D Italian Garden Design

In days gone by, 3D garden design meant a garden designer would be sat with a sketch pad and coloured pencils for hours at a time whilst they created a single vision of your dream garden. Nowadays, it’s much simpler for them to create multiple designs–in a fraction of the time–using the latest in garden design technology.

Creating life-long memories is what your garden is really all about. Be it precious family moments that are being created through the patter of tiny feet running rampant across your lawn…

Or laughter that can be heard from far away, as you entertain your neighbours and friends at your latest BBQ garden party.

Helping you to create a space where these memories can flourish is why we use the latest in 3D garden design software. This is what helps us get everything right when we go away and design multiple concepts for you to choose from.

Which Garden Design Is Right For You?

No matter what style or design you’re looking for in your garden. Whether you’re looking for something that’s contemporary and modern, somewhere specific for children or pets to play, or you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to your garden design–we’ll work closely with you to design something that is perfect and suits you and your family’s lifestyle.

How We Design Your Perfect Garden

When you first meet with the designer, they’ll ask you lots of questions to get a better understanding of what it is you’re looking for. They’ll also give you some recommendations and suggestions using their years of experience and expertise.

We’ll then arrange a site survey that works around you, so we can get the correct measurements that we need to be able to create a design to scale. While all this is going on, our designer will be researching different ideas and concepts to incorporate into your garden design. So, they can come up with initial designs that will complement your family home.

Your 3D Garden Design

You’ll move steadily through our Six-Step Garden Design process, arriving at the point where we will show you 3D Renders and Animations of your favourite garden concept. There will still be some finer details in your design that will need to be confirmed, however, this will give you a real feel for how your new outdoor space will look and complement your family home.

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To get started on creating your dream garden, the first thing to do is book a free call-back consultation with Claire Withers. Claire is a highly experienced garden design consultant. She often knows what clients need before they do. She listens carefully–with an ear to hear clearly what you are saying and some of what you are not.

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