Using Bamboo In Small Gardens

Growing bamboo in containers

Bamboo is an incredibly popular plant for both our gardens and communal spaces. It’s association with peaceful and tranquil settings combined with the gentle rustle it makes in the
breeze makes it a perfect choice for a relaxing garden design. But across it’s native Asia, bamboo is sometimes thought of as a weed because of how invasive it can be. Some varieties are incredibly fast-growing and can spread very quickly too. So is it a good idea to use bamboo in small gardens?

Bamboo is a great architectural plant that adds height to any garden design. Hence it is a great choice as a screen or hedge to create privacy or to define a space. It is also very hardy and tolerant of most soil and sun positions too. So how do you grow this wonderful plant in a small area or small garden without it taking over? Here is The Garden Design Co’s guide to growing bamboo in small gardens.

Plant Bamboo In Containers

The best way to stop bamboo from spreading is to plant it in a container or raised bed. Place containers on patios near seating. Or incorporate seats into raised wooden planters for a secluded perch. Remember to keep your container plants well-watered!

Use Dwarf Or Clumping Varieties Of Bamboo

Dwarf varieties usually don’t exceed 1.5m in height and are a great choice for small spaces wanting to maintain proportion. Clumping varieties of bamboo are non-evasive and generally don’t spread far or are much easier to control.

Bamboo Products

Bamboo cane furniture, screens and split-bamboo fencing are all great additions to your garden. Combine them with bamboo in a hedge or in a container plus a water-feature to create a tranquil, Asian-inspired garden.

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