What to Think About When Choosing Your Water Feature

Cascading slate water feature

We shared last week the benefits of having a water feature in your garden, and promised we’d share a few suggestions on the types of water feature you can install too. There are so many garden feature options now, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed, but it helps if you know what to consider first so you can narrow down what would suit your garden the most.

Here is a whistle-stop tour of the most popular water features we install…

The Practical Considerations of a Water Feature

Before we jump in, there are a few factors to bear in mind which makes a huge difference to the final effect of your water installation, as well as help with the maintenance of it…

The main things to consider before choosing your water feature are:

  • Garden Size – will determine the size of the feature that would fit well in the space
  • Proportions – a tiny feature in a huge garden will get lost and vice versa
  • Positioning – best spot to see it from, do you want to see it from your house?
  • Maintenance – avoid positioning near deciduous trees or shedding plants
  • Sun Exposure – sunlight can enhance algae growth so it’s best to minimise it
  • Safety – keeping children and pets safe from open water

And finally, one myth we’d love to bust – you don’t need your water feature to be plumbed in. Customers often think that running water features need a plumbed water supply for them. Many operate with a sump of water underneath them which you’d simply refill on a regular basis.

Once you’ve had a think about the above, you’re far better equipped to choose the best type of water feature for your garden with your eyes wide open!

Sphere or Globe

A popular choice for contemporary garden lovers is a sphere with water running over it. It can make a fantastic contrast to the natural flora and fauna of the garden, particularly if you’re opting for a steel globe. Not only does it make a striking minimalist statement, but it adds an additional layer of interest with the combination of the running water and the reflections on the chrome being really mesmerising.

You can use many materials such as granite or sandstone too depending on how the aesthetic works with the surrounding aspect of the garden. Another factor to bear in mind is how the sphere is positioned. They can look a little lost if placed in isolation so these work beautifully when elevated as part of an additional feature too, or to be part of a stone circle etc.

One thing to bear in mind with the sphere is that they are quiet so if you don’t want a noisy water feature these are ideal. If you’d prefer to hear the water, elevating it to create some distance between the globe and the sump underneath it creates a drop for the running water that you can then hear. There’s plenty of choice with these which is why they are so popular!


Working on a very similar concept to the spheres is to install unusual natural features with water running over them such as granite, rock or stone monoliths. The beauty of these comes from the stone itself – the rugged surface of the rock interacts beautifully with the water and is so relaxing to watch and listen to.

The size of the stone can be selected in proportion to the garden and the setting. If you want a more noticeable focal point, a larger stone can offer this, but a smaller one would offer a more subtle but still relaxing water feature. The bespoke nature of these is what makes them so popular and playing around with multiple features can create a stunning garden.

Blade Or Wall Water Features

If you’d love a more prominent sound to the water aspect, the blade sounds completely different to the trickles many water features offer. Depending on how much you’d like to hear the water amidst the surrounding noises, you can play around with these features super easily. Just a small change to the height can make a substantial difference to the sound it makes. Installing multiple water blades at various heights can sound really effective too with each one creating a different sound to the others.

Cascading Water Features

Talking of multiple water heights, water cascades are such a versatile way of creating a water feature tailored to your garden and needs. You can elevate them, lower them, use a variety of materials, play around with plants that surround them – the options really are endless here. Having rockeries or slate with water running through them and over them, all built for the space they are set into means you can go as big and bold or as subtle as you like.

As you can see – there’s plenty to explore when you’re choosing your water feature. If you’d love to see some more ideas and hear about a few more of the practicalities behind them, you can watch our water feature video here.

Or if you’d like any advice or tips on any of your garden landscaping needs, get in touch as our team is always happy to help. Call them on 0330 202 1955 today. 

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