Expert Advice on Ways to Work With an Uneven Garden

Screening around garden

See what we did there? Sorry! But not all gardens are created equal are they? The challenges a garden can present come in many forms. We mentioned last week how using foliage with your fencing can offer additional privacy by increasing the height of your fence more naturally – a trellis or pleach tree is perfect for this. But what if your garden isn’t flat though? This can be a barrier of a different kind where fencing is concerned.

If your garden is sloping or uneven in any way, it takes some real thought to work out how to design the whole garden and periphery in a way that it incorporates, or even embraces, the topography of your garden.

Expert Insights for Privacy and Hiding Eyesores on Sloped Gardens

Find out how we add in privacy on a slope or hide existing eyesores of an uneven nature.

Sloping Fences Getting Too Low At One End

If you install a fence to follow a straight line at the top, the lay of the land could mean that some of the garden will be substantially exposed if there’s a severe slope. Not great if you want to privately sunbathe, or perhaps you just have various parts of your garden which slope more than others?

One scenario we regularly come up against, is a neighbouring garden being at a different level to yours. This can pose real problems where fencing is concerned as the goal is ultimately to create privacy, but without it being unsightly or monstrous if it’s tall.

There are various solutions to these scenarios which we covered in this video.

One of the most popular though is to get creative with slatted fencing or trellis. The video shows how a garden we landscaped for a listed property, was much higher than the neighbouring garden, The ground was level with the top of their greenhouse, so you can imagine how tall a solid fence would appear to be from the neighbours perspective.

Using Trellis and Flower Beds To Segment Or Taper The Garden

In the above example, we built a small supporting wall to contain flower beds, and used trellis for the plants to be able to grow up to add an attractive border that still allowed some light through for the neighbours, whilst remaining sympathetic to the area around it.

Trellis is a fantastic way of adding an instantly attractive extension to the height of the fencing, but it also becomes more attractive with age. Thinking ahead on which plants to add, and when they’ll flower or flourish during the year can add a seasonal touch to what is essentially a practical solution.

Hiding a Horror

Sometimes, there is a structure in place that would just be too big a task to remove. Many gardens have tiers in them which are pretty established and to remove them would be a costly and substantial undertaking.

The video shows how we were asked to overhaul a pond area into something which could be enjoyed more by the client. They wanted the unsightly wall behind the pond covering up, as well as for the pond area itself to be more pleasing to the eye.

We added a trellis feature behind the pond which instantly masked the previous wall and contrasted nicely with the plants around it, but which also allows foliage to grow along it too to further enhance the greenery already in place.

We also built up the area around the pond so that it created a place you could sit and enjoy the waterfall which the pond incorporated, whilst giving a more attractive aesthetic. By ‘facing’ what was there rather than removing it, we were able to create a multi-level feature which meant the client could continue to enjoy their beloved pond, as well as create layers which had a very functional purpose.



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