Christmas Gifting Ideas for All Garden Users

Christmas Parcels

There are all kinds of garden lovers not just those who love gardening. You don’t have to be green fingered to enjoy your garden space. We find our clients enjoy using their gardens for many different reasons, whether it’s entertaining, relaxing, or encouraging wildlife. So, we have collated some ideas to help you gift those special people in your life!

The Socialite

The life and soul of the party. Loves hosting guests, with parties going on long into the evening, drinks flowing with the ultimate relaxed summer vibes. Have a loved one who enjoys hosting garden parties? These gift ideas are perfect for them.

Hammered Stainless Steel Champagne Bucket (shopping link)

Keep those drinks cool with a beautiful champagne ice bucket (which can be used for all kinds of drinks), with this is a little bit of extra luxury.

Champagne Bucket

Table Top Fire Pit (shopping link)

Portable and practical for those who don’t have space for a full-size pit. Designed to keep the chill off or for toasting marshmallows around a casual dining or seating area. Perfect for parties.

Table Top Fire Pit

Personalised Bar Sign (shopping link)

Personalised gifts always go down a treat. A serious or joke gift, regardless, anyone who enjoys having a beverage outdoors or owns an outdoor kitchen/bar will love this sign. Get imaginative!

The Green Fingered

The one you can’t keep out of the garden, always tinkering with something from weeding to pruning. Have a loved one who simply loves pottering in the garden? These gift ideas will go down a treat!

Prize Garden Award (shopping link)

Keen gardeners prize their gardens, and this is a cute gift for those who are obsessed with their outdoor spaces!

Garden Award

Niwacki Hori Hori Knife (shopping link)

A tool any gardener can’t be without. A fantastic multi-use tool that all professionals adore.

Hori Hori Niwacki

Gardener of the Year Mug (shopping link)

Another cute gift to gift your loved one. A gardening mug with novel spade spoon will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Garden Mug

The Al Fresco Chef

The one who can always be seen holding the BBQ tongs. Rarely leaves the side of the BBQ during the summer and is known to cook in outdoor temperatures anything above 17 degrees and during light rain. Have a loved one who loves nothing more than to crack the BBQ out at any sniff of warm weather? They will adore these gifting ideas.

Make Your Own Chorizo (shopping link)

A novel gift for that meat lover, who simply enjoys making their own food from scratch.

Sausage Making Kit

Portable Gourmet Pizza Oven (shopping link)

A pizza oven with the flexibility of being used on any gas and charcoal BBQ they may already have. No extra counter space needed!

Portable Pizza Oven

Personalised BBQ Apron (shopping link)

A personalised apron gift just to make sure no one else but them is in charge of their precious BBQ.

BBQ Apron

The Sun Lover

The one who likes to take advantage of the sunshine at any opportunity. Have a sun loving friend? These gift ideas are perfect for them

Garden Hammock (shopping link)

A self-contained hammock, comes with its own stand so it can be positioned anywhere in the garden. Perfect for those lazy afternoons in the sun.

Hammock with Stand

Bean Bag Lounger (shopping link)

Follow the sun around the garden with this comfortable lounging bean bag chair

Bean Bag Lounger

Lawn Drinks Holder (shopping link)

Do they love lounging on the lawn? These lawn spikes are great for holding drinks of all kinds while they enjoy afternoon sunshine.

Lawn Drinks Holder

The Nature Lover

The one who enjoys observing nature and encouraging wildlife into their garden.  Have a loved one who enjoys nothing more than garden wildlife? These gift ideas will go down a treat!

Wildlife Camera (shopping link)

A lovely gift for those who love watching wildlife. Capturing footage at night also to see how their efforts of encouraging nature is working.

Wildlife Camera

Rain Catcher/Wildlife Feeder (shopping link)

A beautiful yet purposeful item. Doubling up as a sculpture or a rain catcher/feeder for little garden birds.

Wildlife Feeder

Terrarium Making Kit (shopping link)

For those who love to indoor garden or enjoy being around nature at all times. Give them the gift of creating their very own ecosystem.

Terrarium Kit

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