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24 Pro-Level Techniques That Maximise your Garden Shape

Perfectly formatted gardens pop up endlessly in glossy magazines, Instagram, social media and TV shows…

“How do they actually do that?” We hear this a lot.

With over 25 years in the industry, we’ve experienced a broad array of garden shapes and sizes. Each unique from one another.

As designers and landscapers, we combine design flair and practical knowledge which enables us to create the perfect garden for our customers.

Our exclusive brochure reveals the best-kept secrets most professionals don’t want you to know about including tips and techniques and garden and landscape inspiration you won’t find anywhere else.

Techniques the professionals, like us, use.

At The Garden Design Co., we believe everyone deserves their very own dream garden.

We’ve created a helpful brochure that includes all the insider knowledge on garden design so that you can create your own stunning and practical garden transformation.