Our Story

Every business has a vision, mission and purpose (I didn’t know that when we started).

Because, when people ask when the business started, I always say, “when I was 12 years old”.

They’re as intrigued as you are now. I’m serious, I believe The Garden Design Co. actually started in the summer of 1988 when I was 12 years old and Jeff was 10 years old.

Our vision… was simply to tidy everyone’s lawn so our housing estate looked amazing.
Our mission… was simply to take all of our friends around with us and make them all happy.
Our purpose… was simply to save enough money to buy a bulb for my tin-can-alley rifle (and ice cream).

If only business was that simple. If we fast forward 32 years, 6 children, 3 grandchildren, passing driving tests, first homes, marrying our childhood sweethearts, designing and building over 1306 gardens, and winning over 9 major industry awards – only one thing is significantly different from those days.

Maybe two, because I still don’t have my tin-can-alley rifle bulb…

We’re both still as enthusiastic as those two small children – who had gone M.I.A with Dad’s lawnmower…We’re both still in business with our friends, making beautiful outdoor spaces and making all of them happy.

So, the only significant difference is we’ve turned that early endeavour into the best garden design and build company in the Midlands. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

Our team of ‘friends’ is over 30 now and we have every conceivable skill you need to deliver a landscaping project to within a whisker of perfection.

But what really makes it special is alongside those skills the company has – which are absolutely necessary – there’s a huge heartbeat… and real feelings… because every single garden means something to us.

It’s not just a landscaping project to us, it’s another chance to change someone’s life.

If the walls had ears…

Walking into our design studio during a design meeting you would think we were discussing a treasured member of the family when we talk about gardens.

That’s what makes The Garden Design Co. special.

At the heart of everything, both Jeff and I, love what we do. It’s in our blood, it’s front and centre of our family, and we have the best people around us to add the craftsmanship to our “we can do anything” attitude to challenges.

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Enjoy your garden.

Managing Director,
The Garden Design Co. 

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