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The Complete Garden Design And Landscaping Service For Homeowners Who Want To Be Guided Professionally Through The Entire Design And Build Process

The Garden Design Co are commissioned by homeowners like you, to design and build their dream gardens. These homeowners say things like…

“We searched Google, spoke to friends, searched Facebook and Instagram for inspiration, and got some advice from online forums about fees, and in the end, we had to make the final decision and choose a team we trusted with our ideas to build our dream garden.”

We know that finding the right company to design and build your dream garden can be a difficult decision as a homeowner, as a garden transformation can be a significant project with a lot of different factors to consider. We have an outstanding reputation amongst homeowners nationwide as you can see from our portfolio. You can rest assured that with us, your project is in the most aesthetically minded and practically capable hands as possible.

Our clients say, one of the biggest benefits of working with The Garden Design Co  is the complete 360° service they receive.

We offer online and in-person delivery of the design service for your convenience – both require a full on-site survey inspection of your garden.

Our services cover all of the below

Garden Designing  •  Garden Planning  •  Garden Project Management 

Landscape Construction  •  Garden and Landscaping Aftercare

Our 30+ team members are perfectly skilled and equipped to cover all areas of exceptional garden design, consultancy, landscaping, landscape gardening and aftercare.

So you can hand over your project, from start to finish.

It starts with your design consultation, so give our friendly team a call today on 0333 202 1955 or book a video consultation.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Services

It’s amazing for us to have something that we can host our family and friends.

“Having the company really support us on our journey and deliver our dreams, we would recommend them to anybody… The results are phenomenal.”

Mark & Colette, Nottingham

James Maddison

Having the garden here is everything that I would’ve wanted as a little boy myself.

“It was all very clear that the company was brilliant and it was all done perfectly down to a T, and leaves me a very happy man. It’s turned out exactly like it, and I love it.”

James Maddison, Leicestershire

We’re really happy with the segmentation.

“It was really good to meet people that sort of understood those issues and then were able to say “we get it, we know, we see how you think” and were able to design to match that. That’s quite difficult to find people like that to be honest.”

Mr Fennon, Lutterworth

The level of service was incredible.

“We wanted a high-end garden that matched the specification of the house. Having seen some of the marketing material and some of the previous gardens The Garden Design Co have done, we knew you were the business to come to and deliver us the garden that we wanted.”

Mr & Mrs Reilly, Leicestershire

Areas The Garden Design Co Covers

Looking for a local garden design, local garden landscaping, or landscape gardening company? Our garden designers and garden landscapers provide a 5 star, all-inclusive, award-winning service across the United Kingdom.


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Featured Projects

Whatever your garden’s size, your needs or your preferred style, our diverse design team can create the perfect landscape for you. Here’s a selection of featured projects to get you inspired by what could be possible for your garden. Check out our whole client portfolio here: Portfolio.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How does your design process work?

Our garden design process begins with an initial consultation to discuss your thoughts on the garden. This is followed by a site survey where all the details of the existing site are measured and recorded. This survey information, along with our ideas are then pulled together to create the initial concept drawings for your new garden.

We’ll then meet with you to explain our vision and run through the first draft of your new design. Once the overall layout & theme of your garden design is agreed, we’ll then create a 3D model and visuals for you to see, so every aspect of your new garden can be visualised before you sign off your design.

How much will the investment amount be for my new garden installation?

As every garden is a unique size & shape, and different people like different things, it’s very difficult to say how much the investment amount would be for a new garden installation without first having a design. That’s why we work very closely with you during the design process to create a garden that you’ll love.

Once we have discussed your thoughts and we’ve created an initial concept design for the new garden, we’ll be able to give you an indication of what your garden investment could be, before proceeding on to the next step in the process.

What is the best time of year to build a new garden?

The best time of year to build a new garden completely depends on you! A good number of our clients choose to have the construction work completed through the winter months (when the garden isn’t being used so often) so it is ready for the spring / summer months when it will be used most.

However, the timing of the garden installation totally depends on your requirements and preference. Our installation teams are vastly experienced and fully equipped to complete a garden installation during any season of the year.