Love Island Inspired Garden For a Leicester City Footballer

Love-Island Inspired & Entertaining
Florence White Porcelain, Desert BeigeDesign Clad, Mocha Design Board, Artificial Lawn

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Designed for Leicester City’s Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall, this ‘Love Island’-inspired garden is a luxurious escape, reflecting contemporary elegance and sociable vibes. The lush artificial turf sets a vibrant green stage for both relaxation and lively gatherings, requiring minimal upkeep for year-round beauty.

The hot tub, a symbol of leisure and indulgence, promises a relaxing soak under the stars, complemented by the subtle glow of festoon lighting that adds a warm and inviting atmosphere for evening entertainment.

A chic dining area, enhanced by a fire pit table, stands ready for alfresco meals or cosy nights with friends and family. Comfortable, stylish seating arrangements throughout the garden offer various nooks for unwinding or engaging in conversation.

Privacy is discreetly managed with sleek fencing, which not only secures the space but also contributes to the overall modern aesthetic. This garden is a testament to Dewsbury-Hall’s taste for the finer things in life, creating a perfect balance between entertainment and personal sanctuary.

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Love-Island Inspired Garden Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall

It was a smooth process from start to finish.

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Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall, Leicestershire

Large patio space for family gathering

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