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A Family Garden Designed For Relaxation

Entertaining & Family Garden
Grey Yorkstone Paving, Grey Swan Yorkstone Setts, White Render

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A Lutterworth homeowner desired a multi-functional garden space for relaxation, entertainment, and aesthetic enjoyment. The design needed to be contemporary, low maintenance, and suitable for all seasons.

We undertook a comprehensive redesign of the garden, transforming a standard garden into a modern outdoor living area. The project included the installation of artificial turf, bespoke fencing, a luxury hot tub, and custom-built planters, along with a variety of seating areas to cater to different uses and times of day.

The transformation featured the installation of a synthetic lawn for year-round greenery with little maintenance. We created various seating areas with a mix of stone paving and composite decking, ensuring spaces for different activities. Privacy was enhanced with bespoke wooden fencing featuring decorative cut-outs, which also served as a sophisticated backdrop to the luxury hot tub.

In addition, we outfitted the garden with stylish rattan furniture complemented by colourful pillows, and raised planters populated with low-maintenance shrubs and perennials added life and colour. The inclusion of outdoor lighting and a premium patio heater extended the garden’s functionality into the cooler evenings and seasons.

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Customer Testimonial - Fennon

We’re really happy with the segmentation.

It was really good to meet people that sort of understood those issues and then were able to say “we get it, we know, we see how you think” and were able to design to match that. That’s quite difficult to find people like that to be honest.

Mr Fennon, Lutterworth

Large patio space for family gathering

“Enjoy The Garden Of Your Dreams, With The Garden Design Co.”

Ashley Duncan
Consultation Coordinator
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