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Transform your garden with an award-winning Surrey garden design team. Our garden design and build services in Surrey and the surrounding areas ensure your new garden is stunning and practically suited to your lifestyle.

A well-designed garden brings your outdoor space to life while adding value to your property, lifestyle, and family memories. Outdoor living is the reason we travel abroad, so bring the holiday feeling into the comfort of your own home. Contact us today to start your garden transformation.

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How We Work

We understand you have been thinking about your garden transformation for a long time. There are 3 key steps for achieving this. Those steps are design, construction, and aftercare. At The Garden Design Co. we cover all three.

  • This will save you time and hassle as everything is handled by one team (it’s time consuming organising multiple contractors for the same project)
  • Prevents confusion and removes barriers that slow the project down (contractors & designers often lock horns over imagination and practicality)
  • Keeps us accountable for the full delivery of the project until the job is complete. We don’t stop there, this includes ongoing aftercare which is vital

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Calling The Garden Design Co. To Complete Your Garden Transformation in Surrey is a No-Brainer

Discover The Three Major Perks of Choosing Our Services:

  • 1. Tailored and Innovative Design Approaches
    Our design strategy is firmly rooted in a meticulous focus on details, dedicated to shaping your ideal garden to align with your distinct aspirations and requirements. Whether your vision is to establish a delightful venue for social gatherings or to augment the value of your property, our proficient Surrey design team, inclusive of a noted UK designer and an RHS Chelsea flower show designer, will provide thorough guidance from start to finish.
  • 2. Exceptional Landscape Construction Delivery
    The journey from conceptualising a garden design to its physical realisation requires a team that seamlessly combines expertise with passion. Our respected team of landscapers and project managers, boasting over a quarter-century of experience in residential garden design and construction, commit to executing your project with precision and sustainable quality.
  • 3. Outstanding Garden Aftercare in Surrey
    Aftercare is a critical component of our service, distinguishing us in the landscaping industry. Our commitment surpasses mere design and building; we are distinguished by our exceptional communication, dedication, and energy. We are devoted to not only completing your garden project but also to its continued maintenance and care thereafter.

Partnering with The Garden Design Co. transforms your garden from just a project into a significant investment.

We offer three distinct design packages, each tailored to your specific preferences. We ensure clear and consistent communication about the financial aspects of the project, avoiding any unexpected surprises. Collaborate with us for a journey characterized by our steadfast support and dedication to achieving your total satisfaction at every stage.

Our team covers all areas of Surrey and Kent so call us now on 01306 770033.

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Our Services

Rejuvenate Your Garden with Our Premier Garden Design Surrey Services

Rediscover the charm of your outdoor space with our unparalleled garden design services in Surrey. Our expert Surrey team is dedicated to crafting bespoke gardens that beautifully align with your unique style and aspirations. Experience a seamless blend of contemporary design and expert artisanship with our all-inclusive landscaping services, thoughtfully planned to turn your garden into a mesmerising haven. Seize this chance – transform your garden lifestyle with our renowned garden design and landscaping services.

As Surrey’s leading garden landscapers, we are deeply invested in creating gardens that perfectly complement your personal preferences and requirements. Recognised as the top choice in Surrey for cutting-edge garden design and landscaping, we deliver customised solutions for diverse outdoor environments. Enter a world of refined garden design and professional landscaping services, where exceptional quality and creative flair unite. Allow us to revitalise your garden space with our steadfast dedication and skilled approach, focused on realising your garden vision in Surrey.

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