A Family Garden For Dining & Relaxation

Florence Grey Porcelain, Mocha DesignBoard, Conder Porcelain Paving, Dove Grey Limestone Chippings

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In Leicestershire, a family garden has been thoughtfully designed by The Garden Design Company to be a versatile space for both entertaining guests and enjoying quiet family time. This landscaped area blends comfort with practicality, creating multiple zones for every occasion.

The garden features a hot tub decked out in warm wood tones, offering a spot for relaxation and a touch of luxury. An elegantly tiled patio hosts a dining set that’s perfect for family meals or weekend barbecues, complemented by a contemporary outdoor lounge area where soft cushions invite you to kick back and relax.

Adding to the charm and functionality, there’s a sleek, modern grill station, ready to fire up for any impromptu cookout. The space is bordered by lush plantings and punctuated with architectural elements like robust pergolas, which add a sense of structure to the outdoor setting.

This Leicestershire garden is not just a visual treat but also a practical ensemble of outdoor living essentials, carefully curated to ensure that each family gathering is memorable and every quiet moment is savored to the fullest.

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Large patio space for family gathering

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