Garden For Relaxation With Water Feature

Travertine Dark Porcelain, Lugano Clay Pavers, Nero Quarzite Splitface Cladding

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Crafted by our skilled team at The Garden Design Company, this Northamptonshire garden is a haven designed with relaxation at its core.
Embracing both solitude and sociability, it’s a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that resonate with the rhythms of family life.

Our design nestles a patio within the garden’s confines, offering a dining set with graceful wrought-iron details for open-air meals and a plush seating arrangement for leisurely relaxation, all under the shelter of a modern roof extension.

A contemporary water feature, masterfully integrated by our team, stands as a focal point, with water cascading down a stone wall, creating a peaceful ambiance. The green expanse of the lawn is meticulously groomed and framed by a selection of plants, infusing the space with vibrant life.

For the cooler evenings, we’ve placed a fire pit as a cosy gathering spot, ensuring that the garden’s appeal extends beyond the daylight hours.

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Customer Testimonial - Woodcock

My wife cried when she saw the design.

I would like to go on record and say you’re an amazing company. Your professionalism I would honestly say has been second to none. You’ve overdelivered on my expectations and I could not be more satisfied.

Mr Woodcock, Oxfordshire

Large patio space for family gathering

“Enjoy The Garden Of Your Dreams, With The Garden Design Co.”

Ashley Duncan
Consultation Coordinator
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