Family Garden With a Football Pitch

Florence White Porcelain, Pennant Grey Tegula, Rustic Ash Marshalite

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In Warwickshire, a family garden has been artfully transformed into a sanctuary of leisure and togetherness. It’s a space where every feature has been thoughtfully designed to cater to both relaxation and family enjoyment.

The garden features a hot tub nestled on grey decking, creating an intimate spot for unwinding beneath the sky, with modern slatted fencing providing a sense of seclusion. Nearby, a lounger invites moments of relaxation.

The garden also hosts an outdoor kitchen and lounge under the rustic charm of a pergola, forming a space equipped with a grill for barbecues. This area is complemented by soft seating and a table that welcomes family meals and leisurely lounging.

Meandering pathways connect the diverse pleasures of the garden, such as a contemporary fire pit with integrated seating. The garden also features a football pitch and a playhouse for family fun.

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Large patio space for family gathering

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