A Dream Garden For Social Gatherings

Slab Khaki Porcelain, Antique

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Our clients in Leicestershire dreamed of a garden where relaxation meets entertainment – a place that could host both the quiet morning coffee and the lively evening gatherings. What began as a plain lawn has been sculpted into a multifaceted garden haven, boasting an array of bespoke features designed to cater to every aspect of outdoor living.

The garden’s layout encourages a natural flow between areas of activity.  The planting scheme has been carefully curated to provide year-round interest and texture, with beds of flowering perennials and shrubs framing the spaces and providing a sensory feast.

Our clients’ vision was for a garden that not only made the most of their expansive country views but also offered a series of outdoor ‘rooms’ to enjoy at any time of the day. The result is a symphony of open and covered areas, where materials and plantings have been chosen to harmonise with the surrounding natural beauty, all crafted within a timeline and budget that allowed them to enjoy their new outdoor lifestyle.

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Customer Testimonial - Rayns

The Rolls Royce of garden design.

It was all very professional and anything that needed to be changed or tweaked, it was the ability to be able to do that. I found it very very professional but at the same time it was the personal sort of touch.

Mrs Rayns, Leicestershire

Large patio space for family gathering

“Enjoy The Garden Of Your Dreams, With The Garden Design Co.”

Ashley Duncan
Consultation Coordinator
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