Let The Garden Design Co. Create a Luxurious Outdoor Space for Your Home in Nottinghamshire

Your new garden will look naturally stunning and be the focal point of any event

A well designed garden will bring your outdoor area to life while adding value to your property, lifestyle and your family memories. Outdoor living is the reason we travel abroad, why not bring the holiday to your home.

We all love being outdoors when the sun shines. But where do you start? Call us now on 0116 210 0760 and we’ll help you get started.

How to Get Started

A garden should not only look amazing on photographs, but also be practical, fitting in with your lifestyle. There are 3 key steps for achieving this. Those steps are design, construction, and aftercare. At The Garden Design Co. we cover all three.

  • This will save you time & hassle as everything is handled by one team (it’s time consuming organising multiple contractors for the same project.)
  • Prevent confusion & remove barriers that slow the project down (contractors & designers often lock horns over imagination and practicality.)
  • Keeps us accountable for the full delivery of the project until the job is complete. We don’t stop there, this includes ongoing aftercare which is vital.

Calling The Garden Design Co. To Complete Your Garden Transformation in Nottinghamshire is a No-Brainer.

Here are 3 reasons we’re the number 1 choice in Nottinghamshire:

  • 1. You want an innovative design that’s both practical & looks amazing
    Attention to detail in the design process ensures your new garden meets all your wants and needs. If you’re looking for an area that’s fit to entertain large groups of friends, or you’re looking to add value to your property it’s important to know that very early in the process. Our design team includes one of the UK’s leading designers, and an RHS Chelsea flower show designer – so you’re in good hands.
  • 2. Our meticulously planned landscape construction
    It’s one thing to have that dream design for your garden – but turning that dream into reality is another. That’s why we have a team of expert, award winning landscapers to ensure the construction is executed efficiently and built to stand the test of time. Our project management team have over 25 years of residential garden design and construction experience making them capable of delivering your garden with due care and attention to detail.
  • 3. The best garden aftercare in Nottinghamshire
    One of the most crucial part of any service is the aftercare. How do you maintain your dream garden? Our team’s duty of care is a unique approach to customer service in the landscaping industry.  Throughout the design and construction our communication, attentiveness, and passion for your garden is second to none, but it’s after your garden is completed our customer service really becomes apparent.

Working with The Garden Design Co. guarantees your garden will be the best investment you ever make…

Our team covers all areas of Nottinghamshire and Nottingham including West Bridgford, Ruddington, Wollerton, Beeston, Ratcliffe-on-Trent, Cotgrave, Keyworth, and Bunny so call us now on 0116 210 0760.

If you have few more questions you’d like to ask, pick up the phone now and talk to one of our passionate garden designers on 0116 210 0760.

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