Entertaining Gardens: Which Fire Pit to Choose

Introducing a fire pit into your garden can be a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while enjoying the outdoors. Now the weather is still chilly but it’s starting to feel very spring like during the day, it’s tempting us outdoors again.

Fire pits are not only perfect for creating a chilled-out atmosphere but they also take the edge off the fresh evenings during a transition between seasons, so you can enjoy your garden for longer.

Not All Fire Pits Are Equal…

If having a lovely warm fire glowing in your garden appeals to you on a cooler evening, picking the right fuel type is critical to the level of heat you require in the size of space you have. Larger areas need a greater heat output than a smaller space. The choice of fuel type could also be influenced by the cleanness of the output.

Wood-Burning Fire Pits

Wood-burning fire pits are a classic. Often the simplest and most adaptable in terms of design, from an enclosed chimney to an open fire bowl they can be moveable or fixed in place depending on your needs.

Outdoor wood burners currently aren’t restricted by the new government regulations however they can be more involved in terms of heat regulation, having to top up the wood to keep consistent heat. Great for a larger space where more heat is needed however may be too hot and ‘smoky’ for a smaller situation.

Gas-Fueled Fire Pits

In this current economic climate gas fire pits may not seem the best option however, gas fire pits are easy to operate and require minimal effort to start and maintain the flame at a consistent heat so you can turn on and simply maintain the exact level of heat until you turn it off. They don’t produce ash or smoke, which means they don’t require regular cleaning or maintenance.

You don’t need to worry about disposing of ashes or cleaning up soot.

Gas fire pits are also safer than wood-burning fire pits because they don’t produce sparks, embers, or smoke that can be a fire hazard, something to think about if you have young children. Often modern looking designs and smaller gas pits can have a small gas cannister stored inside for a neat and tidy set up. Larger options need a bottle hook up nearby.

Bioethanol Fuel Fire Pits

Bioethanol/ethanol is an eco-friendly fuel that has a low environmental impact, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who are environmentally conscious. As a clean burning fuel, you don’t get a bad smell and pretty much no smoke either. Bioethanol fires do give off a good amount of heat but are not as powerful as gas or wood options. Like gas fire pits, bioethanol fire pits can be turned on and off instantly and have fresh modern designs.

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