Fall In Love With Your Garden Again

Love your garden

February. AKA The month of love.The time of the year when cupid shoots his gold tipped arrows that pierce your heart and make you instantly fall in love.

But when was the last time that happened in your garden?

Do you swoon every time you walk outside – looking forward to the time you are going to spend there, excited for the new memories you are going to make?

Or do you shudder in horror at just how much you’ve let your garden go, knowing it’s desperately in need of a revamp?

Your garden should reflect yours and your families needs.

A den of tranquillity, where you, your family and friends can relax and unwind after a stressful day or week.

Or (if you’re that way inclined)…

It should be a space that’s ready for you to crack open a bottle of bubbly, jump into the hot tub and spend your nights entertaining and enjoying your downtime.

BBQ burning away. Fire pit roaring like an inferno.Garden lights illuminating your feature pieces and the music on.

Whatever your preference is for your garden, it should be for something you love.

And February being the month of love, is the perfect time to get down to business and arrange your garden to be exactly that.

Something you absolutely love.

So whether you’re planning on throwing the Garden Party of the year to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee…

Or you need to revamp and make some more space for the kids to play in the sunshine–February is the month to start the planning.

Because aside from being the month of love. February is the perfect time to start the ball rolling to get your garden in top shape ready for Spring and Summer.

And that all starts with the design.

So let’s see what cupid has in store for you this year. Let’s see what ideas you have and what you are ready to fall completely in love with this Spring

To get help from us with designing your perfect garden transformation, book a call with one of the designers. They can get your ideas out of your head and help bring them to life.


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