Garden Trends for 2023

The garden trends for 2023 lean into growing conditions and the way people live their lives rather than advice on garden paving or the colour of furniture – which is helpful in an ever-changing world!

Here are three of the best trends we’ve collated for the new year:

Architectural Landscaping and Naturalistic Planting

Already a firm favourite style for the concept team at The Garden Design Company. The architectural landscaping style design and planning of outdoor spaces in a way that enhances the architectural features of a building or structure. The combination of clean lines and contemporary style contrasting against fluid borders filled with blousy perennials and grasses creates something magical. The permanency of the landscaping creates an easy to care for space, yet the naturalistic planting means your garden can still support the ecological diversity we need.

Having a solid landscaping base such as a rectangular patio needn’t be boring. In fact, it is a staple style, especially when married with softer planting. If you are concerned about it looking unruly, don’t be. That’s part of the beauty, and in fact when two contrasting styles are implemented it creates a deliberate design

Water-wise Planting

With climate change ramping up in recent years with a notable change in 2022, the effects on our gardens are beginning to show through. Hotter summers will soon become an annual feature, so we need to learn to adapt gardens instead of battling to keep them thriving with thousands of litres of mains water.

Plants which are tolerant of long periods of drought and scorching sunshine need to be introduced into our gardens to save water and the maintenance needed to keep them alive. Plants once suitable in our gardens may no longer be appropriate, so instead of replacing, change it up. Beth Chatto’s gravel garden is a great example of drought-loving planting here in the UK. If you’re just starting out, look for inspiration in Mediterranean gardens.


In a mass-produced world it becomes increasingly different to stand out and be different. Avoid the carbon copy and bring personality to your garden through the use of sustainable products, a one-off bespoke sculpture crafted by solo artisans or injecting bright colours in your outdoor space.

You can also express your personality in your garden by appointing a garden designer to help you come up with a creative and bespoke outdoor space.

Trends aren’t meant to be followed strictly, but they do give you some ideas towards creativity and more importantly, sustainability.

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