Gardens Aren’t Only For The Daytime

Contemporary garden with modern lighting

There’s something about us Brits where we can’t help but to comment on the weather. You’d think we would be used to it by now, but even though we have the same volatility of climate, week in, week out, it still manages to get lots of our air time. It’s the same with the dark evenings creeping up on us. At this time of year, it always makes us smile when we hear folk commenting on how dark it is at 4.30 in the afternoon once the clocks have gone back.

But joking aside, it can be tempting to feel like the garden is almost out of bounds during the darker nights, so let’s take a look at what we can do with the lighting in our gardens during those winter months when our sunlight is a little more elusive.

Practically Speaking

Without installing lighting in your garden, you’re restricting yourself to only using it when it is naturally well lit. Adding a few well thought out lights or a lighting scheme can really help you maximise the use you get out of your garden around the clock should you choose to. Lighting steps, features or obstacles will help you to navigate the garden more safely, as well as it being that visual reminder that the garden is still open for use in the evening too.

A Warm Glow

Another benefit of using lighting in your garden that you’ve thought about first is the gorgeous glow that it can add to an otherwise dark area. If you managed to catch our video in the Facebook group last week, you’ll see that we shared how instead of lighting up the garden as a whole, you can strategically place a few warmer lights in sections of the garden to highlight areas that you would enjoy all year round.

If you have a patio area or hot tub for instance, with some warm mood lighting placed around this area it would be far more enticing on our cooler evenings.

Using Your Senses

One of the beautiful aspects of gardening, and having an outside area to enjoy, is that it engages all of the senses. From the scents of your flora and fauna, through to the rustle of the leaves in a breeze, let’s not overlook how much this all really helps with your emotional state.

The dark evenings can be challenging for some people making them feel cooped up and with the lockdowns, people probably realise now more than ever the power of getting yourself outside. Having the use of your garden in the evenings after a day at work, by using a clever lighting scheme can be what makes you come alive again to actually enjoy your evening in your garden.

Breaking Up the Space

Where lighting can really shine, pun definitely intended, is to use it to create zones or features within your garden. If you have a larger garden, you’d probably not use all of it in the evening if it wasn’t well lit. With bespoke lighting themes, you can break up the larger area into cosier or individually appealing spaces.

Using a few types of lights dotted throughout the garden draws the eye in a different way, so having practical lighting to light some steps for instance, would have a different type of light to a warmer uplighting theme which could be used to make a sociable area.

Want to maximise your garden during the evening? Call our design team on 0116 210 0760 to discuss your lighting options.

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